Earn 15,000 Club Carlson Points For One Stay

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Club Carlson has announced details of its latest promotion.

Members can earn 15,000 bonus points after just ONE paid stay between now and 31 January, 2018.

This promotion may be targeted, however. I received this promotion because I haven’t stayed at a Club Carlson hotel in a year or two.

To check your own account, you should click here and attempt to register.

Naturally, members can only earn one 15,000 point bonus. You must also pay an eligible rate, which is basically any paid rate publicly available on the Club Carlson website (or one of its brands). (i.e. no online travel agencies)

Club Carlson points aren’t the most valuable – 0.3-0.4p according to our valuation chart – but 15,000 points would be worth £45-60. 15,000 points will also get you a free night at an award category 2 hotel.

If you are a very infrequent Club Carlson member, make sure to check your eligibility for this promotion, as you can earn a nice little rebate from it. Don’t forget that Club Carlson brands also participate in the major cashback websites such as Topcashback.


If you received a different promotion, please let us know by leaving a comment below…


  1. rob says

    I have been “selected” for the offer.

    How d you get cashback from TCB and get the offer. The Cashback is from Raddison Blu etc but the offer seems to be on the main Club Carlson site or will logging in to my Club Carlson account on the Raddison Blu site still activate the offer?

    Many thanks

    • Craig Sowerby says

      You activate the offer via the link provided. That just registers you for the promotion.

      Then at any point between now and January you make a standard booking, which you can do via TCB to Radisson Blu, etc.

  2. Nick Burch says

    I’ve stayed with them a few times this year, and have a points stayed booked for January, but was still able to sign up for the offer. So, “infrequent” stays may be enough!

    • Robert Iles says

      I’ve not stayed with them in over two years my points are only alive due to an online purchase and I got the offer

        • Graeme says

          I checked out of a Radisson two days ago and was seemingly still able to register at your link. Not clear if they’ll do any sort of validation later, seeing as it mentions eligibility based on receiving the offer to your account’s email address.

          • Craig Sowerby says

            If you have an email confirming your registration I can’t see why they would take away your points. Whether you get them for a stay completed before registration is another matter…

          • Graeme says

            Oh, I have no expectation for retroactive credit. I just meant if everything from two years to two days since last stay is valid for signup, the targeting can’t be that restrictive!

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