Fantastic New TopCashback EXISTING MEMBERS Offer! (Exclusive)

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We love TopCashback – it essentially offers free money back on things you’d buy anyway – and gives you the option to cash that money out in the form of Avios at a decent rate too. It’s saved us thousands on travel alone, and we are therefore absolutely delighted to share a new Topcashback existing members offer, exclusive to InsideFlyer UK readers!

What’s the deal?

Earn any amount of cashback from any retailer that you click through to from TopCashback and you will be given a £1 bonus on top completely free – simple as that!

topcashback sign up bonus new sign-ups

How do I take advantage of the Topcashback existing members offer?

To activate this promotion, all you have to do is click here, sign in, click “activate”, and then earn cashback before the end of 25th June 2017  from any retailer. You will then automatically receive an additional £1 cashback bonus in your account.

Things to note

  • You can only earn the bonus once.
  • The cashback bonus will be added to your account as a separate cashback amount once the original transaction has tracked. Allow 7 days for this to appear.
  • Tell-A-Friend, Sign Up bonuses or Snap & Save will not count as one of your purchases towards the Cashback Bonus.
  • If you cancel your order, the cashback bonus will be removed.

Not a member yet? – get an extra £10 on top!

If you’re new to TopCashback, sign up through this link before activating the £1 bonus offer and you will receive an additional £10 bonus when you spend £10+ with any retailer. This means that you will earn £11 in bonus cashback PLUS whatever the standard cashback would be.

Yes, that’s right: they are effectively paying you to join!

Convert TopCashback credit to Avios

Remember that you can transfer TopCashback credit to Avios with a 5% bonus, so your bonus £1 is equivalent to 105 Avios. Alternatively, you can just take the cash, or choose from a large range of other payout options (gift cards for Amazon, M&S, Pizza Express, etc) that also offer bonuses.

 Bottom line

We are very excited to share this exclusive TopCashback existing members offer – it’s a site that many readers (and ourselves) all the time anyway, so it a ‘no-brainer’ to activate the offer on your account and earn a free £1!

TopCashback existing members offer terms:

During this promotion members of TopCashback can receive an additional £1 cashback when the below Terms and Conditions are met. Please do not worry if your bonus does not track straight away. Some merchants, including eBay, Debenhams, Not on The High Street and Ali Express may take longer to track, please allow up to 7 days before raising a support ticket. 

  • To be eligible for the £1 cashback bonus promotion, you must be a member of You must activate the offer via the activation page, click through from the related promotion and click ‘Activate Promotion’. Activation will be reported back to TopCashback.
  • You must make a purchase through TopCashback between 00:00 GMT June 12th 2017 and 23:59 GMT June 25th 2017. This is available on all merchants across the site.
  • You are eligible for additional top up for a maximum of 1 individual purchase.
  • You can earn a maximum of £1 cashback bonus.
  • TopCashback reserves the right to end the deal at any time without notice. Purchases made after this time will not receive the cashback offer. This offer is limited to 2,500 redemptions on a first come first serve basis.
  • Tell-A-Friend, Sign Up bonuses or Snap & Save will not count as one of your purchases towards the Cashback Bonus.
  • Cashback Bonus will be added on to your account as a separate cashback amount once the original transaction has tracked. Please allow 7 days for this to appear.
  • If you cancel your order, the Cashback Bonus will be removed.
  • Only one account per person is allowed.
  • Cashback Bonus may not automatically apply to purchases where a Missing Cashback Claim needs to be lodged to get your purchase to track correctly. If this is the case and your claim is successful you will need to raise a support ticket to be awarded the bonus.
  • TopCashback will not be held responsible for any technical failure or otherwise which prevents participation in this promotion.
  • Events may occur that render the promotion itself or the awarding of payable cashback impossible due to reasons beyond the control of TopCashback and accordingly TopCashback may at its absolute discretion vary or amend the promotion and the entrant agrees that no liability shall attach to TopCashback as a result.


    • Andy says

      I suppose if there was something that was £1 on eBay or Aliexpress or a site like that which has Chinese items with free delivery, you would then effectively get it for free (actually you’d be in profit on Aliexpress with their cashback %). Can’t complain about a few free miles, good job on sorting out the deal guys!

    • Tom Sumner says

      Save the pennies and the pounds will add up… and this is a pound already.

      For me the key point about this is less to dwell on the pound, and more on the fantastic value TopCashback offers generally. Cashback on your everyday purchases, in addition to the credit card points etc you can get, is superb.

      The fact that it’s got a nice little extra bonus at the moment is another plus, however small.

  1. Craig Sowerby says

    I like to use a metaphor. Successful miles & points collectors are those who are willing to bend down to pick up a 10p coin or cross the street to grab some free product being handed out. Those who think “it’s not worth much so I can’t be bothered” also tend to be the types who collect a few miles that never amount to anything…

    Reminds me to do a transaction to get my free pound…

  2. Andrew H says

    Thanks, I’ll take that!

    If anyone wants something cheap, like a DVD, are a good option. You can get 10% off with code SIGNUP10 (even if you’re an existing member). I used it recently and Topcashback didn’t reject it. They’re a faster-paying merchant too so you should get your bonus avios quite quickly.

    I love InsideFlyerUK, but using the word ‘Fantastic’ in the title for a 100 avio bonus is a bit over the top. You already offer great deals, so there’s no need for hyperbole, gents!

    • Joe Deeney says

      Fair – though free money is pretty great (even in, admittedly, small amounts!). TopCashback is basically giving away £2,500 to InsideFlyer readers in total (if the maximum number of readers take advantage), and we’ve been really keen to develop these sort of existing members offers for a while now, but yes, on reflection I did perhaps get a little over-excited with the title! 🙂

  3. Craig Sowerby says

    I’ve been leaving my cashback in place, waiting for a transfer bonus or Tesco to magically return or something. But I was messing about and it seems that this £1 can now only be paid out as an M&S voucher. Anybody notice anything in the fine print?

    • Joe Deeney says

      Can’t remember seeing anything in the terms, but did notice a few days ago that my account has the same thing.

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