10% Bonus Returns for First Time Conversions of Tesco Clubcard to Virgin Atlantic

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

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If you collect Tesco Clubcard points with the intention of converting them into airline miles, you are usually advised to wait for a conversion bonus, unless of course you have an imminent need for the miles.

One such conversion bonus has recently been announced, and it looks like it is going to be Virgin Atlantic Flying Club’s standard Tesco Clubcard promotion. But no matter how underwhelming, I suppose it might be useful to somebody. According to the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club website

Convert your Tesco Clubcard points into Flying Club miles between now and 23 June 2017 for the first time and earn an extra 10% bonus on the points that you transfer.

Instead of receiving 250 miles for each £1 of Clubcard voucher, you will receive 275 miles, and only if this is your first time converting.

I’m a bit surprised that Flying Club aren’t trying to entice more conversions, now that their devaluation has taken effect. Or perhaps their analysis has shown that Tesco Clubcard points are almost always used by members flying in Economy (which became cheaper), rather than clever travel hackers such as InsideFlyer readers flying in Upper Class…

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