Get a 10% Bonus for First Time Conversions of Tesco Clubcard to Virgin Atlantic

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

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If you collect Tesco Clubcard points with the intention of converting them into airline miles, you probably wait for a conversion bonus to come along. (unless you have an immediate need for a top up)

One such conversion bonus has recently been announced, except it is one of the weakest I have ever seen. But it is news, and it might be useful to somebody. According to the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club website

Convert your Tesco Clubcard points into Flying Club miles from 1 February to 15 March 2017 for the first time and earn an extra 10% bonus on the points that you transferred.

Woo Hoo! Instead of receiving 250 miles for each £1 of Clubcard voucher, you will receive 275 miles, and only if this is your first time converting.

I had actually been expecting a juicy conversion bonus to accompany the recent changes. But I suppose that those changes were actually positive for the vast majority of Tesco / Virgin Atlantic customers, who probably fly on Economy rewards a whole lot more than we travel hackers do in Upper Class.

However, since we’ve seen fairly regular bonuses of between 15 and 30% on Tesco Clubcard to Virgin Atlantic conversions over the last 2-3 years, I wouldn’t rush out to take advantage of this offer unless you meet the first-timer criteria and really need the Flying Club miles.



  1. Adam says

    They ran this same promo last Q for only first time redemptions, caught out a few people who expected 10% extra on big conversions who had already redeemed with VA before.
    As it’s been the same promo twice now in a row, is this a sign of an end to regular bonuses from VA for previous account redemptions?

    • Craig Sowerby says

      I must have completely missed that Q4 2016 one.

      In August / September 2016 we had a 20% bonus. I think the one before that was 15%.

      I don’t quite see the point of first timer bonuses. Either the numbers work for VS/Tesco or they don’t. And running promos every single quarter – even if not open to all – builds up expectations.

      • Adam says

        I think they keep trying to incentivise potential new customers to use VS, maybe this is the only way VS will allow bonuses now as they want more first time customers to use experience their services?
        Agree, it can work against them by existing customers choosing avios over them via CC, now maybe BA should rise up and offer a decent bonus on all cc conversions.

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