IHG’s New Accelerate Promotion is Going Live! – What’s Your Offer Like?

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IHG’s new Accelerate promotion is going live right now! The stay dates for this quarter’s promo are 15th May – 31st August 2017, so there’s plenty of time to hit your targets.

When I checked my account to register about an hour ago I got an error, but when I tried again just now it worked absolutely fine – If registration doesn’t work for you just yet, try again later today.

My offer this time is decent but unspectacular:

Realistically, I’m unlikely to stay 10 nights, but might well be able to book 5 stays through the app, with 3 of them being abroad. If I did manage that, I’d end up with 35,000 bonus Points.

Assuming I need a hotel anyway and that IHG’s rates are competitive, 7,000 Bonus Points per night (which I value at ~£28)  is a pretty good return, particularly on cheap stays.

If I used the bonus Points for PointBreaks redemptions (check out the latest list here), I’d effectively be getting 12 nights at IHG hotels for the price of 5!

It’s certainly not mattress-run worthy though, like some of the Accelerate promotions we’ve seen in the past.


IHG’s new Accelerate promotion offers different targets for each member based on your previous stays, let us know in the comments what your targets are this time!


  1. RichT says

    Soooo annoying thus period starts 15th May.

    I have a stay 13th to 15th that would have allowed me to hit a few of the “stay once” and “Pay with your ihg credit card” targets I’ve got. Wonder if it count as I’m checking OUT on the 15th?

  2. Pangolin says

    It’s super uninspiring – most of my Accelerate dashboard is just a repeated ‘3000 points for 3 more nights’ – until I’ve got to 20 total nights and then a 15K bonus is triggered.

    Basically it amounts to ‘earn 1K bonus points per extra night’.

    Also, a lot of people have bonuses for using the IHG card. I have an IHG card and used it for all of my previous stays in the last Accelerate period. Needless to say, no bonus offered to me for use of the card!

  3. Craig Sowerby says

    I find it hard to get excited anymore about 50,000 rapidly devaluing IHG points, although in theory I could hit my targets with 5 nights in 3 countries with a Cash & Points stay thrown in.

    At least IHG gave up on asking me to spend hundreds on food or apply for the credit card (an application that is always denied)…

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