(NEW) Share Hilton Points With Friends and Family Thanks to Honors ‘Points Pooling’

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You can now share Hilton Points with friends and family thanks to Hilton Honors’ new ‘Points Pooling’ feature.

Essentially, you can invite up to 10 people to join your group and only the person who set up the group can redeem the pooled Points.

How to share Hilton Points through Points Pooling

In theory, it should be really, really easy – firstly, just head here and sign in to your account, where you should see something like this:

Enter the names and email addresses of the people you’d like to invite and they will receive an email like this:

At which point, the person you refer should presumably be able to click through, sign into their account, confirm they want to join your pool and then transfer in however many Points they would like to the shared pot. Unfortunately, the screen I’m currently getting when I try to do that is this:

It is the first day though, so I’ll cut Hilton some slack this time!

Points to note

  • You and the transferee must each be a member in good standing of the Hilton Honors in order to complete a transfer of points. In order to participate in a purchase or transfer transaction, you must have a positive account balance and have been active within the Hilton Honors program within the past 30 days.
  • You may transfer or pool up to 500,000 points per transaction. Points must be transferred in 1,000 point increments.
  • Each Hilton Honors Member is limited to transferring or pooling no more than five hundred thousand (500,000) Points and receiving two million (2,000,000) Points per calendar year.
  • You can make 6 Points Pooling transactions each year

It’s also worth mentioning that as well as Points Pooling, you can make 6 straight-forward Points transfers to other members each year too for free – subject to the total caps mentioned above.

Why would I want to share Hilton Points?

Three main reasons I can think of:

  1. In order have enough Points for an award stay that would otherwise be out of reach.
  2. If one person has elite status and the other doesn’t, it obviously makes sense to transfer Points to the account with status and book the stay from there.
  3. If you’re staying an odd number of nights with someone who also has Hilton Points they would like to use – you can transfer over exactly 50% of the Points rather than having to owe each other or try to work out an equivalent value.


Flexibility is always good when it comes to Points/Miles and being able to pool and transfer Points easily and freely really helps with that.

Hats off to Hilton for this one – as soon as they get the page working properly anyway!


  1. Craig Sowerby says

    I wonder what being active within the last 30 days means. Not many people – especially the secondary accounts of a partner, etc. – are going to have a recent stay much of the time.

  2. Adam says

    Great addition, I’ve read many people have paid lots of money to transfer HH points to one account for booking stays.

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