1100 Avios and 1 Month Sky Cinema Pass – For Free

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TopCashback has long been one of our favourite methods of getting discounted travel via cashback, and cheap Avios.

It also occasionally offers deals which appear a little bit too good to be true, in that they allow you to sign up to a product and actually make more in cashback than you paid for it. Flagged below is one such deal, and the even better news with these offers is that while they’re definitely good, they are also true.

In short, if you sign up to a 1 month Now TV Sky Cinema Month Pass, you’ll be required to make a one-off payment of £9.99:


However, in doing so you’ll not only get the month pass, you’ll also get £13.80 in cashback:


To be clear, that’s £3.81 more than you paid for the cinema pass. They are literally paying you to sign up to the Now TV Sky Cinema Pass. 

What’s the catch?

We’ve been users of (and indeed worked with) TopCashback long enough now to know that they are an entirely trustworthy operation, so there’s no catch as such. You will absolutely receive £13.80 back for your £9.99 spend.

The only issue is one of timing: you will have to outlay the £9.99 immediately, and won’t get the £13.80 credit until, it is estimated by TopCashback, 30-60 days after the purchase has been made. Given that you’re getting a month of Sky Cinema and £3.81 for that wait, I’d say it’s worthwhile.

And there’s more…

“Too good to be true (but isn’t)” offer number 2 comes from digital streaming service DisneyLife.

If you sign up to the 7 day free trial and pay for 1 month’s subscription (£4.99) you will get £10 cashback, a profit of £5.01. You’ll need to be quick though, as this offer runs for the next 4 days only. You’ll also need to cancel the subscription towards the end of your first (paid for) month, if you want to avoid paying another £4.99 for month 2.

What can you do with the Topcashback credit?

You can simply withdraw it as cash (to your bank account or Paypal), for a start.

However, TopCashback credit can be transferred to Avios with a 25% bonus, so £23.80 in TopCashback credit (£13.80 NowTV cashback + £10 DisneyLife cashback) gets you 2975 Avios (1102 of which come from the £3.81 profit).

You can even split the cashback and have it paid out as part Avios and part cash – for example you could take the DisneyLife £10 as 1250 Avios, and the NowTV £13.80 as cash. That way you will have spent a total of £14.98 but received £13.80 of that back as cash, plus 1250 Avios (plus a month’s subscription to NowTV and DisneyLife, for what that’s worth to you).

Anything else?

Yes – 1250 more Avios, if you’re not already a member of TopCashback! Simply sign up to TopCashback through our exclusive link and you will earn an additional 1250 Avios when you spend £10+ with any retailer

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