Exclusive Offer: 1,250 Avios (Plus Cashback) For £10 SPEND Through TopCashback

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We have made no secret of our long-standing appreciation of online cashback site TopCashback. Not only is it a great way to get money back on your travel (or other online) spend, but with regular bonuses and the ability to convert your cashback into Avios, there are plenty of opportunities to get even better value.


We are therefore delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with TopCashback to offer new members a very healthy 1,250 Avios, simply when you spend £10+ at any retailer on the site.

That’s it. Simply sign up via this link, click through from TopCashback to any retailer, spend your £10 and you’ll get 1,250 Avios for doing so.

The retailers on TopCashback are so plentiful that it’s very easy to spend this £10 somewhere you were going to spend the money anyway (House of Fraser, Argos, Expedia, eBay, Just Eat… the list goes on), so this Topcashback bonus is as near to 1,250 completely free Avios as you’re going to get.


How long does the Avios bonus run for? Is there a better offer out there?

This is an ongoing InsideFlyer exclusive bonus. The standard position with sign-up bonuses for TopCashback is that they don’t offer one, although this occasionally changes if you are referred by another member (at the moment new members who are referred can get a £5 Amazon voucher). However, one crucial difference is that these periodic sign-up bonuses require the new member to earn £10 in cashback.

All our TopCashback bonus requires is a simple £10 spend, at any merchant and on any product, irrespective of the amount of cashback earned. Of course, in addition to the Avios, you’ll get whatever cashback is offered on the £10+ spend too! Should you choose, that cashback can then also be converted to Avios at a rate of 1.25 Avios per penny.

Even with Christmas rapidly approaching, we hope you’ll agree that 1,250 Avios is clearly preferable to £5 at Amazon.

topcashback bonus

Any quick tips on securing the Avios?

Yep. There are various ways to secure the 1250 TopCashback bonus Avios at maximum value:

  • First up, there are plenty of gambling options (sign up and search for “gambling”) that require a £10+ spend but will give you substantially more than your spend back in cashback if you sign up and bet with them (win or lose). However, I’d rather not dwell on these and indeed will give you a few other options, as I’m not overly keen on pushing bookies and casinos, even if it is for a profit for you.
  • If you haven’t used Groupon before, you can currently get £10.50 cashback for any first purchase. Click through from TopCashback, buy something for £10 or more on Groupon and you’ll get £10.50 cashback and the 1,250 Avios!
  • Grazeshop (sign up and search for “grazeshop”) offers a very tempting £10.50 cashback on £20+ spend, netting you not only the 1,250 Avios but your Graze purchase at around 50% off.
  • If you can’t be bothered with any of that, why not just sign up to TopCashback and then click through to your chosen retailer next time you’re shopping for groceries, or clothes, or travel, or whatever! If it’s money you’re going to spend anyway, clicking through from TopCashback takes an extra 10 seconds and will earn you 1,250 Avios + whatever the standard cashback offer is. For example, new customers to Asda Grocery Online (sign up and search for “Asda Groceries”) will get £6.30 cashback on a £25+ spend. So that’s roughly 25% off your Asda shop, + 1,250 Avios.

Ultimately, not least with Christmas coming up, there are more than enough options for you to find somewhere appropriate to spend your £10. Plus there’s no rush – this is an ongoing offer, so when you find a suitable merchant, just make sure you sign up through this link and you’ll get the 1,250 bonus Avios.  

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    • Tom Sumner says

      Hi Nick – an Avios.com account is needed. You can of course transfer easily from Avios.com to BA Executive Club via the “Combine My Avios” function.

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