Get A £50 Daily Hotel Credit With Hilton Leisure Escapes Rates

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As it seems to be ‘Hilton Seasonat InsideFlyer at the moment, it seems like a good time to mention ‘Hilton Leisure Escapes Rates’ for the first time.

hilton leisure escapes

These are essentially slightly more expensive flexible rates that include a £50.00 (or Euro or Dollar) daily hotel credit. In Europe, Africa and the Middle East the Leisure Escapes rates also include Breakfast.

If you are going to be booking a flexible rate anyway and think you’ll have a few drinks or something to eat at the hotel, it can sometimes make a lot of sense to book a Leisure Escapes Rate.

It’s important to be clear that if you can commit to a non-refundable rate (particularly when there’s a decent sale on, like now), you’re likely to be better off sticking with that.


For a random date next week, the Leisure Escapes rate at the Hilton Leeds City Centre is £110,

hilton leisure escapes

whereas the cheapest flexible rate with breakfast is £85.00.

hilton leisure escapes

In other words, you would be paying £25 for a £50 credit to use at the hotel on food/drinks/spa etc.

The Hilton York works out exactly the same, with the best flexible rate with breakfast costing £119

hilton leisure escapes

when the Leisure Escapes rate is £144 – so £25 more for a £50 hotel credit.

hilton leisure escapes

Hilton Leisure Escapes rates certainly aren’t always the best option, but they are another useful string to the bow of the savvy traveller!

hilton leisure escapes
Hilton York

If Hilton Leisure Escapes rates don’t do much for you, check out the full list of Hilton discount codes and promotions on the dedicated InsideFlyer Hilton page that Tom has put together here.

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