Lowest Ever Eurostar Prices – Paris/Brussels/Lille From £19!

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Per The Independent, from Monday (21st November 2016) Eurostar will be selling tickets to Paris, Brussels and Lille for just £19.00 one way – that’s the cheapest they have ever been!


As you might expect, the cheap prices come with quite a few conditions.

You will need to book using ‘Eurostar Snap’, which we have written about before here.

Essentially you sign up through Facebook, book at least a week in advance and select ‘morning’ or ‘afternoon’, rather than a specific time. Two days before your journey, you should be notified of the actual train time.

With this particular sale, you may not even actually get a proper seat as, “(i)n case of high demand, please note that you might be attributed a tip up seat depending on availability”, but you probably will!


Eurostar are set to release nearly 20,000 of these £19 tickets for travel between 28th November 2016 and 15th January 2017, so if you’re flexible enough and willing to jump through a couple of hoops, you’ve got a good chance of being able to get a bargain.

My son and I both love flying, but it’s hard to beat the convenience of Eurostar. Departing from and arriving in the city centres, plus the shorter security/waiting times, means that the train is a considerably more efficient way to travel.

For £19, I’d say the value is pretty much unbeatable too (at least if you live near London), because getting to/from airports here in the UK can be expensive and/or time consuming, and the same is certainly true for Brussels Charleroi and Paris Beauvais airports (where the cheapest Ryanair flights fly to) as well.


I’m still not totally convinced by the ‘Eurostar Snap’ concept, but if you can be flexible and fancy a quick festive trip to Paris, Brussels or Lille, the price and convenience are difficult to argue with.

I would sign up now if you think you might be interested, and remember that the first batch of tickets goes on sale on Monday!

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