‘Eurostar Snap’ – Cheapest Way To Buy Eurostar Tickets? (#TrainTuesday!)

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At the end of May this year Eurostar launched a new ‘digital hub’ (or ticketing website, if you’re old fashioned like me and prefer descriptions that actually mean something…) called Eurostar Snap. It promises to provide the “best available Eurostar fares”.

eurostar snap 3

These fares start at just £25 each way between London and Paris / Brussels, which is £4.00 less than the cheapest fares available on the standard Eurostar site.

The big drawback is that although you select the day you would like to travel and whether you would like your reservation to be in the morning or afternoon, Eurostar decides the time, and you only find out 2 days before you’re due to be travelling what that time actually is!

The snap sales have been going on quite regularly since the launch, and the current sale is for dates between 10th August – 30th August.

As you can see, £25.00 tickets are currently available for most days but not all.

eurostar snap

Other points to note:

  • You need a Facebook account to sign in
  • You can book for up to 4 people at a time
  • All passengers have to be 16+
  • Tickets are completely non-refundable/non-transferable
  • Standard seats only

Eurostar states that, “while we’ve got plenty of advance tickets and promotions on our main website, Eurostar Snap deals always offer the best possible price for your travel dates at the time of booking”, so if you really don’t mind what time you travel it could be an attractive option.

Personally, I think I’ll stick to using Avios or booking on the regular site. (Yes, they lost me at ‘digital hub’. No, the Facebook only sign-in and liberal use of the word ‘innovative’ didn’t help much either!).


  1. FATME says

    Hi .
    I booked tickets for me and for my parents via Eurostar Snap webside. The thing is it did not allow us to book it in once as it was asking for personal facebook so therefor we each of us booked it individually. But unfortunatelly the tickets are shown on different time of travellling so I would like to change mine and my mum travelling time with same of my dad one please
    Could you help me to sort it out this asap please. Cause mum ‘s got a birthday on this 3rd of March so we won’t be miss it.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi FATME,

      I’m not really sure what to suggest unfortunately, apart from getting in touch with Eurostar/Eurostar Snap directly and explaining the situation. Good luck!

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