How To Search For Hilton Hotels By Reward Category

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Searching for Hilton hotels by reward category is a good way to see the sorts of places you can stay (all over the world) with the number of Hilton HHonors Points that you have available – but the process can be needlessly frustrating. If you google ‘Hilton HHonors Category 7 hotels’, for instance, nothing on the first page of search results actually gives you the information you want.

The generic Hilton HHonors reward category page (if you do manage to find it) is basically useless too, because although you can search by Country/State, it doesn’t actually allow you to search by reward category.

All the information is on the Hilton site, but the IT is rubbish/broken. The relevant page for some reward categories is easier to find than for others, but if you then want to look at other categories and click on the ‘Reward Categories’ link…

you get an error screen:


So, without further ado – here are the links you need to search for Hilton hotels by reward category:

You can then filter the search by State or Country:


The IT can be a bit wonky, so don’t treat the results as gospel. Once you’ve checked out the sorts of options available to you, you can usually double check a specific property’s current reward category on its homepage:


In case you were wondering how many Hilton HHonors Points you need for each reward category, here’s the table:


Bottom line

Flicking through Hilton hotels by reward category can be a great way to spot an HHonors Points bargain, or even be introduced to a destination you might not have considered before. Hilton makes it unnecessarily challenging to do it, but it is possible, and hopefully I’ve simplified the process here.


    • Joe Deeney says

      AwardMapper is great (I love it and use it pretty much every day!), but is more suited towards searching by location and loyalty programme rather than category. If you’ve got an idea of where you want to go, it’s a great starting point to see what the options are (though not infallible! – it can be out of date and miss things).

      To search by category though and quickly flick through the sorts of places your Points can take you (all over the world), the pages linked to above are the best option I’ve managed to find so far.

  1. James says

    I’ve looked at three previously 5k hotels. 2 have jumped to 21k and one to 10k. OVERNIGHT.
    This is ludicrous.
    5 to 21 !!!!!!!

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Are you sure those are prices for Standard Rooms? And not the Premium Rooms option? Which isn’t to say that hotels haven’t decided to play games with room categories, but I would be surprised if the cap disappeared so quickly and blatantly…

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