5 (Yes, 5) Free AAdvantage Miles A Day – And Why You Want To Earn Them

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Frankly, I wasn’t sure my “earn 60 Avios a month” post would ever be beaten in terms of flagging “pocket change points promotions”, but it seems I may just have managed it with this novel way to get your “5-a-day”.

free aadvantage miles

The truly excellent loyalty points tracking service AwardWallet also features a (US-focused) blog. If you add a valid comment to any article on the blog, you will earn 5 free AAdvantage miles a day for doing so. 5 miles is the maximum you can earn in any one day, regardless of the number of comments you make.


This promotion appears to be running indefinitely, and full guidelines on what constitutes a “valid comment” can be found in the FAQs here. The points will apparently be added to your account 1-3 days after you post the comment.

They posted just fine for me:


You obviously need to have an AwardWallet account with an AAdvantage account linked to it, but if you don’t already have an AwardWallet account it’s well worth getting one – it’s free to join, and a great way to track your loyalty points balances.

Where will 5 miles get me, exactly?

Ok, I fully accept that 5 miles a day is not going to have you redeeming First Class long-haul any time soon. But, as I always say, all these little mileage hauls do add up. That aside, perhaps the most important element to these free miles is they will reset the 18 month expiry clock on your AAdvantage miles. Unless you are regularly earning AAdvantage miles elsewhere, this is a really good opportunity to get a further 18 months validity on all your AAdvantage miles, so go ahead and make that witty or incisive comment.

(As an aside, anyone remember when you used to be able to get 2 SPG points a time for correctly answering quiz questions on Audience Rewards? Aaaaah, those were the days.) 


    • Tom Sumner says

      Well I put a comment on there a couple of days ago and have just received the miles, so it’s definitely working.

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