A massive 60 free Avios a month – ah go on

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One of the many ways to ensure you have a healthy loyalty points balance is, in my view, to take advantage of every free offer, sign up to every bonus points promotion etc. You’ll be surprised at how quickly making the most of these offers will boost your account, and on many occasions I have totally forgot I signed up to a bonus promotion, only to find additional points land in my account.


There’s an obvious and very valid counter argument to this. If you are spending vast amounts of time locating and joining offers that net you just a handful of points, it may not be worth your time. Yes, miles and points collecting is a “hobby”, so you can probably justify a bit of unpaid effort to net a few additional points, but if you’re spending hours every day trying to unearth every tiny bonus or free points offer, you probably should reconsider (or just leave it to us!).

With the above caveat firmly in mind, I am still going to recommend the following as a very easy way to keep a trickle of Avios flowing into your account. If you take a survey at tescoviews.com, you can earn 25 Tesco Clubcard points every month. That translates to 60 Avios (or 65 Virgin Flying Club miles).

The survey takes about 2 minutes, and you will need to enter your Tesco Clubcard number and the 4 digit store code found on your receipt as follows (e.g. 2122):


Worth it? I’ll leave that to you to decide. However earning the 25 free Tesco points will also get you automaticfree entry into a prize draw to win a £1000 Tesco gift card, so your 2 minutes are getting you 60 Avios and a free flutter.

The full terms and conditions are available here.


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