Return BUSINESS CLASS To America for ~25,000 Points!!!

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By stacking a few great offers together, you can currently get Return flights in Business Class between Brussels and New York for just 25,100 SPG Starpoints!

Bear with me a bit on this one as there a few elements you need to put together.



Etihad Guest allows you to use Etihad Miles to book flights with some of their partner airlines. One of these partners is Brussels Airlines, and Etihad’s Brussels Airlines Award Chart is ridiculously good.

There are all sorts of stunning bargains on there, but the best of the best is Brussels to New York in Business Class RETURN for 36,620 Etihad Miles + ~£75.00 in taxes. (Yes, you read that right).

It isn’t possible to book a one-way flight, it has to be a Return.


You need to ring Etihad Guest (0345 6081225) to book Brussels Airlines flights – and be prepared for a bit of a battle. A lot of Etihad Guest agents, frankly, don’t really know what they’re talking about, but if you ring during UK business hours on the above number you should get the team in Manchester who are usually pretty good.

I know first hand that there are people there who do know how to look for Brussels Airlines award space and book these flights, so it can be done!

As regards finding award space yourself before ringing (usually a good idea), you can use the United Mileage Plus site to get an idea, but do be aware that Etihad Guest availability might not perfectly match what United shows.


You’re going to need some Etihad Miles!


Sign up to Etihad Guest and get 500 Etihad Miles just for signing up (you get the 500 after collecting/transferring in at least 1 Mile).

You therefore need to get the remaining 36,120 Miles from somewhere else.


SPG Starpoints usually transfer to Etihad Guest at a 1:1 rate + a 5,000 Miles bonus for transferring in multiples of 20,000 (so 20,000 Starpoints normally gets you 25,000 Etihad Miles).


Until 31st October, Etihad are offering a 20% bonus for transfers from a range of partners, including SPG.

The deals stack, so if you transferred 20,000 Starpoints to Etihad, you would currently end up with 30,000 Etihad Miles rather than the usual 25,000 (because 25,000 x 120% = 30,000).

This means that you only need to transfer 25,100 Starpoints in total to end up with the 36,120 Miles that you need (assuming the 500 Miles for signing up post soon after you transfer – if you want to be safe, just transfer another 400 Starpoints on top instead).

25,100 Starpoints + roughly £75.00 in taxes/fees for Return transatlantic Business Class flights – I don’t think it’s an offer that can be beat!

Great, but I don’t have any Starpoints…

Check to see if anyone in your family has Starpoints or Marriott Rewards Points they are willing to share – it’s easy to transfer them around these days. You’d need to transfer 76,500 Marriott Rewards Points to Starwood Preferred Guest, because the transfer ratio is 1:3.


Alternatively, you may even want to consider buying Starpoints. Starpoints cost roughly £28.75 per 1,000 ($35.00), so you’d be looking at a little over £720.00 in total. Add the tax, and it’s still only ~£800 for Return Business Class, which really isn’t bad.


Also, American Express Membership Rewards Points transfer directly to Etihad Guest at a 1:1 rate. They don’t (or at least shouldn’t) attract the 20% bonus, so you would need to transfer the full 36,120 (or 36,620 if you don’t want to wait for the 500 free signup Miles). That’s still an incredible deal though – costing less than half the cheapest alternative transatlantic Business Class route (Aer Lingus from Dublin/Shannon to Boston is 37,500 Avios each way).

Finally, it’s worth noting that Etihad Guest allows up to 8 people in a family account where your Miles are pooled together. This makes saving up substantial amounts of Miles much easier.

Is Brussels Airlines any good?

At these prices who cares! – Brussels is as easy and cheap to get to from most of the UK as London, and it’s only an 8ish hour flight between Brussels and New York – get a grip!

More seriously, it actually looks pretty good.


The seats turn into 1.97 metre long lie-flat beds, which should be plenty of room for most people.


Plus, the music in the promotional video is genuinely good, so they get ‘style points’ for that too!


  1. Stan says

    After getting the points you will make the call and be disappointed as there is no availability AT ALL for the next 11 months at least and they will offer to put you on a waiting list and call you back once rewards are available. Good story on paper – bad in real world……

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi Stan,

      When was the last time you called and which office did you get put through to? Don’t get me wrong, if you get the wrong staff it can be a very(!) frustrating experience, but I’ve called 4-5 times in the last year or so and they’ve (eventually) been able to see most of the space you can see on the United site.

      Outbound from Brussels availability is usually pretty great, coming back can definitely be an issue but certainly isn’t impossible. Most recently I was looking at mid December this year, back just before Christmas and seemed fine. I’ve not heard about the waitlist option before, sounds interesting but I’m assuming they didn’t call back?

      • Stan says

        I called in August and it was Manchester office. I used Lufthansa award availability and they could not see any of it at all. Had better luck with Czech Airlines to Seoul redemption though ,and Still waiting for the Call.

        • Joe Deeney says

          Interesting. I’ve never tried to book the Czech flights to Seoul but it’s a cracking deal (25,610 one way in Business?) so very pleased to hear it works in practice! What were the taxes/fees like?

          • Stan says

            The Booking process was confusing and they did not say any thing about taxes at first, then the agent was called by a supervisor and “brought” the message that Taxes are £371. I asked them to explain the breakdown and they could not so I forced the issue and after 5 minutes of them searching the surcharges were dropped to 63 Euro return as they added up all the airport and government charges manually. From what I knew before calling the charges were supposed to be roughly £113 return.

          • Joe Deeney says

            Sounds like the usual rigmarole – I really don’t understand they find partner bookings such a challenge. Absolutely brilliant redemption in the end though I suppose, have you flown yet? I’d love to hear what Czech long haul biz is like.

          • Stan says

            No , My flight is is February but from what I understand it will be on on a former Korean 330 which means angled flat beds with no wifi and broken screens lol , also apparently Korean operate some of these flights as codeshare and I remember reading a comment somewhere of Flyertalk saying that his etihad redemption was in fact flown on Korean….cccc

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