Triple Avios (plus triple HHonors points) on Hilton stays

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A new Hilton and BA Executive Club promo currently allows you to earn triple Avios on Hilton stays, provided that you book (or have booked) your stay after 5 October and stay before 31 December 2016,


This offer joins (and indeed stacks with) the Autumn Hilton HHonors promotion, Double Up, through which you already get double Hilton HHonors points (or triple points if you book through the HHonors app).

To give this some context, Hilton allows you to choose to earn “points and points” or “points and miles”. The base position with Avios is if you choose “points and points”, you will get 10 HHonors points plus 5 bonus HHonors points and no Avios per $1 spent on your Hilton stay.

If you choose “points and miles”, you will get 10 HHonors points plus 1 Avios per $1 spent on your Hilton stay.

In both examples above, that’s the earning rate outside of any bonus.

So, as long as you register for the Double Up promo (and the triple Avios promo, if you set your earning preference to “points and miles”) you will earn as follows:

  • Points and points: 20 HHonors Base Points + 5 Bonus HHonors bonus points per $1 spend (or 30 Base Points + 5 bonus points if you book via the app)
  • Points and miles: 20 HHonors Base Points + 3 Avios per $1 spend (or 30 Base Points + 3 Avios if you book via the app).

Obviously, as you can see, there’s no need to register for the Avios offer if you earn “points and points”. Conversely, you should absolutely register for Double Up, regardless of your earning preference.

All these numbers! Aaaargh I’m confused.

The simple equation is this: do you value 3 Avios more than 5 HHonors points? Given our (very rough) valuation of Avios at 1p each  and HHonors points at 0.4p each, you probably should. As such, we’d recommend that, for this promo, you set your earning rate to “points and miles”, with BA Executive Club as your earning partner.

Outside of this offer, I would recommend setting your earning preference to “points and points”, as I consider 5 HHonors points to be worth more than 1 Avios.

If you are desperate to earn Avios through Hilton outside of this promotion, however, you should earn them through Iberia Plus (you can transfer from Iberia Plus into BA Executive Club or via the “Combine My Avios” function), as you earn a more generous 15 Avios per $10 spend with Iberia Plus. The only caveat here is that the maximum Iberia Plus Avios you can earn on a Hilton stay is 1,000 Avios, versus the BA cap of 10,000 Avios. As such, if your Hilton stay will cost more than $666, you should go with the BA Avios option.

How do I switch between “points and points” and “points and miles”?

If you don’t know how to do this, it’s straightforward:

1) Log in to your Hilton HHonors account and select “preferences” under the “My Profile” tab on the left.


2) Your “Myway Earning Style Preference”will be displayed. If you need to change it, just click on the “Change Earning Style” link.


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