Secret Wyndham Status Match Available ?

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As Joe detailed in an article a week or so back, Wyndham announced a pretty weird promotion, and then cancelled it prior to launch, citing fraud.  The gist of it was, that if you proved you donated your SPG balance to charity, they’d give you x4 Wyndham Points. The promo also promised a status match based on your current SPG status. Unfortunately, Wyndham became aware that people were intending to falsify screen-caps in order to get the Wyndham points without doing the SPG charity donation. So they cancelled the promo.

Although it was a weird promo, it potentially had a lot of merit, and I was giving it some consideration. If the status match was to Wyndham Diamond, that might have swayed it, as that gives an automatic suite upgrade, even on award stays.

wyndham status match
Status benefits (click to enlarge)

So, in between the announcement and cancellation, I emailed them on the address they had provided in the promo details, [email protected], enquiring to what level they would status match SPG gold. When the promo got cancelled, I didn’t think any more about it. But several days later, I received a response from Wyndham. Given I’d expressed interest, they would consider a status match. All I needed to do was to provide proof of my SPG status. So I screen capped my SPG (Gold), and Hilton (Diamond) accounts, and fired them back.

48hrs later, I got a “you’ve earned new perks at the PLATINUM level!” email, and logging in confirmed I was now platinum, right thru until 31st December 2017. I’d hoped that including my Hilton Diamond status might result in them status matching me to Wyndham Diamond, but unfortunately not.

wyndham status match

Wyndham Platinum doesn’t get me overly excited, however should I need to stay in a Wyndham hotel, the late check-out and early check-in could prove useful. Also, as a Plat, they’ll give me 3000 point in Feb, which is enough to let me book a “go fast” award night (think points + cash). Finally, a latent benefit might be that another hotel chain will do a status match offer in the next 12 months, and this status might be enough to qualify for that offer.

Nothing to Lose

I’d say if you are even notionally interested in Wyndham, it would be worth sending an email enquiring about a status match. Ultimately, you’ve got nothing to lose, and my success proves that they are open to looking at such requests. My experience indicates that they are just matching based on SPG status. That might suggest the match was given on the basis that I had mentioned the cancelled SPG based promo, so you might want to keep that in mind.


  1. MAHOMED says

    Hi Ian . Thank you for the article. What is the email address that I can use to Wyndham to enquire for a status match

  2. Paul says

    I have received an email back from Wynham Rewards. They said they are not offering status match at this moment in time

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