Got The Etihad MBNA card? Get Bonus Miles with Rocketmiles & Kaligo

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Etihad is running two separate offers with RocketMiles and Kaligo, giving you bonus miles when you pay with the Etihad MBNA Amex or Visa card.

Rocketmiles and Kaligo have been the subject of InsideFlyer articles on several occasions.  Their main selling point is that they offer substantial airmiles when you use them to book accommodation.  In theory this lets you boost your favourite airmiles account when making a hotel booking.  The downside is that you won’t get any hotel loyalty points for these bookings.  You are also unlikely to get the benefits of any hotel status you might have, although this obviously isn’t a concern if you are booking a hotel that is not part of a chain.  Also, It’s worth checking other booking sites to ensure you aren’t paying for the miles via an inflated room price.

Both these booking companies regularly offer large sign-up bonuses. For example, here’s a recent article on Rocketmiles explaining how to get 4,000 bonus UnitedPlus miles. In addition, here’s an article featuring Kaligo which includes a referral link to get you 1000 bonus miles.

Genuinely Free Bonus miles

Sign-up bonuses are fantastic, but it’s much rarer to come across a decent on-going bonus.  Tucked away on the Etihad website are a couple of offers that are aimed at those that have the MBNA Etihad Amex/Visa dual issue cards.

For RocketMiles, you’ll get an extra 25% Etihad miles, if you click thru this link. This offer is valid for unlimited bookings right thru to 31st  March 2017.

bonus Etihad guestmiles with rocketmiles

For Kaligo, click on this link, and you’ll get 20% extra Etihad miles. I can’t see any cut-off date for this offer, so this could disappear at any time

Bonus Etihad Guestmiles with Kaligo

Remember that for both offers, you need to pay with either the Amex or Visa Etihad MBNA card.  If you don’t have these cards, now might be a good time to think about them.  There is currently a 5000 mile sign-up bonus which you get after you spend £250 in the first 90 days.  You can find the details on the MBNA site here.

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