5,000 United Mileage Plus Miles For First RocketMiles Hotel Booking

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RocketMiles have a generous new bonus for ‘first bookings’, offering 4,000 Bonus United Mileage Plus Miles on top of the standard 1,000 minimum – so that’s at least 5,000 Miles in total for a one night booking.

I value United Miles at about 1.5p each, so that’s worth ~ £75.00 to me.

You might think that such a lucrative rebate would only be available on expensive bookings, but it only took me a few minutes to find the below deal for a future stay I might need to book:


£43.00 for a 3* hotel night and 5,000 United Miles is incredible (they’re basically paying me to stay)!

We’ve covered RocketMiles a few times before of course, but it really can be an excellent way to get some chunky amounts of airline Miles back for your hotel bookings.

I find that it’s a particularly good way of getting hold of some of the more ‘exotic’ Miles (Alaska, United, American, Singapore, Etihad, Virgin America etc) that are otherwise a bit tricky to rack up in the UK but have very attractively priced redemption ‘sweet spots’.

(You might well be wondering what United Miles are good for, and the answer is quite a lot, but I don’t have space to go into it here right now. To remedy this, I will soon be posting a series covering some of the best redemptions in programmes like United Mileage Plus which aren’t very well known in the UK. Get excited.)

RocketMiles does usually charge a bit more (and sometimes a lot more) than other hotel booking sites, so you should always do your research and decide if the Miles are worth the premium to you. By taking advantage of ‘first booking’ bonuses like this one though you shouldn’t do too badly!

If you haven’t signed up with RocketMiles yet, if you use my referral link I get 1,000 Miles after your first stay. Unfortunately, you don’t get anything extra (except my gratitude!!!) but it doesn’t interfere with you earning the bonus Miles either – just sign up and then come back and follow this link.

You need to book by 30th September, but the stay can be whenever.


  1. Adam says

    That £43 a night example you found is good. In my local areas RM’s only finds hotels starting at £100 using this link or other bonus awards.
    Strangely, if i use the site without a link connected to a bonus it brings up hotels starting at £46 so something to remember. ?

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