15% More Virgin Flying Club Miles – Via a Tesco Clubcard bonus

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Tesco sent me an interesting email earlier this week alerting me to a 15% Tesco Clubcard bonus on points transfers to Virgin Flying Club miles.

tesco clubcard bonus

We have previously sung the praises of Tesco Clubcard as a “value travel tool”, and there’s no doubt that this Tesco Clubcard bonus makes a sweet deal even sweeter. That said, your degree in advanced mathematics will tell you that it’s not quite as generous as the 20% bonus offered in February this year.

The Tesco Clubcard bonus applies to points transfers made by 10 June 2016. As a result of the bonus, every £2.50 in Clubcard vouchers will earn you 719 Virgin Flying Club miles, rather than 625.

And there’s a little more…

As an added bonus, you will also earn a further 1,000 free Virgin Flying Club miles when you turn on “Auto Convert”: a process that automatically turns all your Tesco Clubcard points into Virgin Flying Club miles. You can of course turn off the auto convert when the 1000 miles have landed.

Should you convert?

If you need some more Virgin Flying Club miles, absolutely. It is of course important to remember that even outside of any bonus (i.e. at 625 miles per £2.50 in Clubcard points), the Virgin Flying Club and Tesco Clubcard transfer deal is great value.

However, you may have other uses for your Tesco Clubcard points which make this offer, even with the bonus, less attractive. It’s all down to personal circumstance, but suffice to say that if you take this up, you’re definitely getting value for your Clubcard points! Tesco Clubcard bonuses happen, and at better rates than this, but they cannot always be guaranteed when you need them.

There is of course the possibility that another 20%+ bonus will be offered in due course, but that’s impossible to predict. Plus, if you need the points in the near future, it’s irrelevant.


  1. Adam says

    Also remember to click on autoconvert now in your clubcard account for transfers to Virgin as you will get another 1000 miles for free, after the miles have been credited just turn off auto convert.

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