2,600 bonus air miles with Heathrow Rewards

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We recently published a general guide to Heathrow Rewards, the loyalty scheme for Heathrow airport. In it, we made it very clear that you can earn airline miles (or Heathrow Airport vouchers) on pretty much all your Heathrow Airport spend.

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Well, there’s further good news. Via a promo from Etihad Guest, new sign-ups to Heathrow Rewards (and potentially existing ones too: see below) can get a sizeable bonus worth up to 2,600 Heathrow Rewards points. Ignoring the regular bonuses on the transfer of Heathrow Rewards points to air miles, 2,600 points can be redeemed for 2,600 Avios, Virgin Flying Club miles, Emirates Skywards miles, Etihad Guest miles or Miles & More miles. It’s also worth £26 in Heathrow Airport vouchers (or £52 at the official parking).

To benefit from the offer, you need to use the Etihad promo code EGAPR16 when you sign up to Heathrow Rewards.

The offer works as follows:

  • Sign up and receive 100 bonus points for joining (this will apply regardless of whether you qualify for any further bonus)
  • Then receive a further  1,000 points when you spend £75-£150 in a single day before 31 December 2016 OR
  • receive a further 2,500 points when you spend £150 or more in a single day before 31 December 2016.

To be absolutely clear, although this promo is being run by Etihad Guest, you do not need to transfer your Heathrow Rewards points into this loyalty scheme, you have the choice of all Heathrow Rewards Redemption options. You must, however, make sure that you use the Etihad promo code EGAPR16 or you will not be eligible for the bonus Heathrow Rewards points:

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Note that per the terms and conditions, certain items are excluded from points earning/qualifying spend (e.g. lottery tickets, tobacco products and medicine).

One additional flag: although we have talked about “2600” air miles, “£26” in vouchers etc, note that air miles are only redeemable in blocks of 250, and vouchers in blocks of 500 (£5 a time). Just keeping things transparent!

Already have a Heathrow Rewards account?

Given Heathrow Rewards’ flexibility in allowing transfers between different accounts, there is a pretty easy workaround.

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Simply pick up a Heathrow Rewards card at Heathrow and open an account in a random name. Then once you’ve got the points bonus on that card, call Heathrow Rewards and get them to transfer the points from that account to your actual account. Ideally you should register this card with the Etihad promo code before you make the qualifying spend, although it should work in any event.

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