20% bonus on Tesco Clubcard conversions to Virgin Flying Club miles

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We have previously talked in some detail about the fantastic travel-related benefits of earning (and converting) Tesco Clubcard points.

free virgin flying club miles

This includes a very competitive deal with Virgin Flying Club: 1 Clubcard Point can be converted into 2.5 Virgin Flying Club Miles.

Well the good news is that this deal has just got even sweeter. You will earn an extra 20% miles when you convert your Tesco Clubcard points into Flying Club miles before 14 March 2016. So, every £2.50 in Clubcard vouchers will earn you 750 Virgin Flying Club miles, rather than 625.

And that’s not quite all…

As an added bonus, you will also earn a further 1,000 free Virgin Flying Club miles when you turn on “Auto Convert”: a process that automatically turns all your Tesco Clubcard points into Virgin Flying Club miles. You can of course turn off the auto convert when the 1000 miles have landed.

Should you convert?

If you’re after some Virgin Flying Club miles, absolutely. It is of course worth reminding yourself that, by itself (i.e. at 625 miles per £2.50 in Clubcard points) the Virgin Flying Club/Tesco Clubcard deal is great value. Add on a 20% bonus and that’s, well, 20% better.

The danger is that a better deal comes along in a few months, but if it does – so what? It doesn’t make this a bad deal. Plus there’s no guarantee that any will.

Given that the last Virgin Flying Club miles bonus was just 15%, this seems far from a bad time to start converting to Flying Club. Certainly I will be taking this opportunity to boost my Flying Club account by a few thousand miles.

free virgin flying club miles

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