100 free Avios, Virgin, Etihad Guest, Miles&More or Emirates Miles

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Ok, so it won’t change your life, but we are flagging this offer for two reasons. First, if you take a few seconds each time to collect these small handfuls of miles it does add up. Secondly, what you are actually signing up to here is worth signing up to by itself.

free heathrow rewards points

We have previously sung the praises of Heathrow Rewards, and the fact that until 31 December 2016 you can earn 2,600 air miles when joining it for the first time. In short, if you travel through Heathrow, you really should sign up: you will earn  points on basically all your Heathrow airport spend.

This 100 free air miles may be just a touch more modest, but it’s available to existing users as well (first time sign ups should note the additional 100 + 2,500 miles they can get).  To benefit, just download the Heathrow app to your Apple (iOS), Android or Windows phone and then register your Heathrow Rewards card on the app, and Heathrow Rewards will automatically credit you with 100 free points.  

It’s worth getting the Heathrow app as  you have a virtual card on it, so if (when) you forget your physical card, you have an easy back up.

As noted above, 100 Heathrow Rewards points are worth 100 miles in each of the Avios (Avios.com or BA Executive Club), Virgin Flying Club, Miles&More, Etihad Guest and Emirates Skywards loyalty schemes. Not only that, but given that there are regular bonuses on transfer from Heathrow Rewards to these schemes, you can hold on to the points and convert them to miles during a bonus.

I have regularly transferred from Heathrow Rewards at a 100% bonus rate, for example.

free heathrow rewards points

You can also convert Heathrow Rewards points to vouchers to spend at Heathrow, with 100 Heathrow Reward points worth £1 to spend at Heathrow shops (or on Heathrow Express), or £2 on Heathrow parking.

free heathrow rewards points

free heathrow rewards points

Note that the 100 points will be below the minimum transfer (250 for air miles, 500 for vouchers), so you will need to either have or earn additional Heathrow Rewards points before you can cash these out. In my case my current balance is 953, so the 100 free points takes me nicely over the 1,000 point threshold. Given that you can also get a minimum of 100 free points for joining as well, this should not be a difficult threshold to hit.  


  1. Andrew H says

    I’ve just tried this. I downloaded and installed the app. It prompted me to log into my Heathrow Rewards account, which I have done. It’s the next bit that I’m confused about:

    “register your Heathrow Rewards card on the app, and Heathrow Rewards will automatically credit you with 100 free points. ”

    How do I register my card when I’m logged into my account already?

  2. Andrew H says

    I’m assuming the 100 points is given simply for logging into your account on the app rather than registering. Also assuming I won’t get them until the end of July.

    • Tom Sumner says

      I’m definitely the right person to answer this as it’s exactly what happened to me – i.e. when I accessed the app I just “logged in”, there was no adding of my Heathrow Rewards number as it was already there.

      And there was no adding of 100 points.

      Now I’d read their promise of “automatically crediting” me with 100 points as meaning I’d get them straight away. While I accept that’s not necessarily the case, it meant I immediately sent an email to Heathrow Rewards customer service ([email protected]), who within minutes added 100 points to my account!

      • Andrew H says

        Thanks for confirming that. Hopefully they’ll see my email and add the points in a couple of days.

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