Making The Most Of Tesco Clubcard Boost!

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Tesco Clubcard Boost doubles the face-value of your Clubcard Vouchers when you use them to buy things from selected departments. The last ever Clubcard Boost is now on and runs until 26th June.

clubcard boost

Tesco Direct sells more or less everything, so there is a vast number items included in the departments listed below.

CLubcard Boost Departments

I find buying online from Tesco Direct is usually the best option, but you can shop in store (you need to exchange your vouchers online for ‘Boost’ vouchers and then print them off), and at Tesco Opticians too.

Obviously this a travel focused site, and there are some excellent travel options to use your Clubcard Points on, but sometimes it can make more sense to use your vouchers for other things, and then use the cash that is freed up for travel.

Getting 2x face value from your Tesco vouchers (or 2p per Tesco Point if you prefer) might not sound like an amazing redemption – but it actually isn’t bad, assuming that you are buying something you need and Tesco are selling it at a competitive price.

When you consider some of the amazing Business Class deals we’ve posted about recently (using cash or buying discounted Miles), or concepts like luxury mattress running (or mattress running to complete the new IHG promotion), it might well be more cost effective to use Clubcard vouchers for other things, and cash for travel.

Qatar Airways have been having some very impressive Business Class sales

Making the most of Tesco Clubcard Boost

The real trick is to try and stack various other offers, particularly bonus Points offers, with Boost.

For example, just after the latest Boost launched, I posted about a promotion for 1,000 bonus Clubcard Points if you spent £60.00 on Lego (deal has now ended). If you paid using Clubcard vouchers, you would be charged £30.00 (because Boost doubles their value), and get 1,060 Points (60 standard and 1,000 bonus, so £10.60 in vouchers) back. Your total expense for £60.00 worth of Lego would then have been £19.40 of Clubcard vouchers – so you would have been getting more than 3x face value.

Discount vouchers for particular departments are issued regularly on this page, and are well worth checking out too!

For instance, until yesterday there was a code for £250.00 off £750.00 spent on Home Furniture. If you stacked that with Clubcard Boost, you could get £750.00 of furniture for £250.00 of Clubcard vouchers.

There aren’t any particularly great deals on at the moment but remember that Boost lasts until 26th June, so there will be plenty of opportunities!

A couple of things that did catch my eye:


1000 bonus Points on Singer Sewing Machines – seems pretty good if you want a sewing machine. The cheapest is £69.00, so you’d pay £34.50 in vouchers, and get 1,069 Points back = £23.81 of vouchers.


Half price bikes – ok so they’re probably not really half price, but £55-60 for a kid’s bike seems pretty good, and that’s only £27.50-30.00 of Clubcard vouchers during boost.

Don’t forget that you can get (a small amount!) of cashback through TopCashback


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