New Tesco Clubcard Points Bonus Offer!

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It’s certainly no secret that we’re a bit Tesco obsessed here at InsideFlyerUK, but with good reason! Tesco Clubcard Points are extremely valuable to anyone who wants to travel better for less – and that’s what we are all about.

In addition to the usual ongoing Clubcard bonuses that you can read about in our Guide to Tesco Clubcard, there’s a new offer that might be of interest.

tesco clubcard

1,000 extra Clubcard Points when you spend £60.00 on Lego 

Exactly what it says on the tin – spend £60.00 or more on the Lego items listed on this page here, and you will get 1,000 extra bonus Points.

There’s free delivery at the moment too!

I’m not a Lego expert (my nephew however…), so have no idea what the best deals are, but if you’re in the market for Lego anyway, 1,000 bonus Clubcard Points are definitely worth having.

The offer ends on the 18th May (this Wednesday), so be quick!

Remember that the last ever Clubcard Boost is also now on (runs until 26th June). Clubcard Boost doubles the face-value of your Clubcard Vouchers when you use them to buy things from Tesco (some departments/items aren’t included).

We’ll be writing more about how to make the most of Boost, but for now I’ll just mention that Toys are included, which means you can effectively pick up £60.00 worth of Lego for just £20.00 worth of Tesco Points! (spend £30.00 worth of Points for £60.00 of Lego, and then get £10.00 of Points back = £20.00 of Points).

In case you haven’t noticed yet – last quarter’s Clubcard Points have been converted into vouchers, and are now ready to use!


  1. Adam says

    Be careful peeps, they increased most of the prices of items in this offer by up to 25% yesterday. Still ok prices if you needed a present etc.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Thanks Adam -I really should have mentioned that but had to rush the article.

      I also intended to point out that Tesco Direct have an unofficial 28-day refund policy which means that if an item goes down in price within 28 days of purchase, they will refund you the difference when requested.

      My experience has been that you get to keep any bonus Points from when the product was priced higher, although I have heard one or two cases where that didn’t happen.

      Assuming they’ve hiked the prices because of the Bonus Points offer, I would expect the prices to go back down when it ends and certainly within the next 28 – so if you’re into Lego it should still end up a great deal!

  2. Adam says

    I believe they have just extended the returns policy to 30 x days so I think this mirrors the price match refunds policy also.
    Its worth a go but my local direct desk let’s me take items back and doesn’t remove the bonus points, the new CS assistant doesn’t even ask for my clubcard so not even the base points are removed when they issue my refund to whatever card I choose. ?
    My local is a small store so choose a smaller store as I know people have tried this at superstores and they remove bonus points.

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