Companion Offer – £900 Business Class returns to Thailand + much more!

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It’s almost getting a touch monotonous talking about the incredible value that Qatar Airways are offering on Business Class flights at the moment.


Not only is the product excellent, but the prices continue to defy belief. The latest round of sale fares appear to be particularly impressive from Amsterdam, although Italy deserves an honourable mention. That said, by all means search depending on other Qatar starting points that work for you – there may be additional crazy discounts that we have not covered.

First things first: we know this is a UK-focused site, and so is this article! At these prices, if the destinations and dates work for you, it is well worth taking a quick flight out to Amsterdam to benefit on the massive savings you will get as a result. Build in a weekend in Amsterdam too if you want. A £900 Business Class return from Amsterdam to Bangkok, on an airline of real quality, is not something you will see very often.

Importantly, these ultra-cheap flights are based on a “Companion Offer” – so you will need to book return flights for two adults. If you are travelling solo, there are still some decent prices available, but they don’t come close to the companion fares. 

You need to book by 23 May, and travel between 1 October 2016 and 15 May 2017 for the Amsterdam flights or 17 May 2016 to 15 May 2017 for the Italy flights.

So what fares are available?

There are currently a number of great value fares available from Amsterdam and various Italian starting points, but those that really caught are eye are:

From Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi €1,055 (£823)
  • Amsterdam to Dubai €1,130 (£881)
  • Amsterdam to Bangkok €1,160 (£905)
  • Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro €1,170 (£913)
  • Amsterdam to Phuket €1,230 (£959)
  • Amsterdam to Hong Kong €1,365 (£1065)
  • Amsterdam to Johannesburg €1,375 (£1073)
  • Amsterdam to Cape Town €1,385 (£1080)

From Italy

  • Pisa to Kuala Lumpur €1,185 (£924)
  • Pisa to Jakarta €1,229 (£959)
  • Milan to Singapore €1,249 (£974)
  • Milan to The Maldives €1,375 (£1073)
  • Milan to Hong Kong €1,440 (£1123)

And are these actually available, or just limited availability teasers?

The fares are currently widely available – we have had a good look. Here is a test booking we carried out for the fantastically-priced Amsterdam to Bangkok Business Class option:

qatar business class

That’s €1161.50 a head, so £908. Remarkable. 

The UK is included in this Companion Offer, although prices are less impressive. Here are the headline prices for two people (so divide the fare below by 2 for comparison to the fares above) in Business Class, return:

qatar business class


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