Review: Privium Lounge, Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Schipol Airport offers and Iris reading entry system. Unfortunately it’s a paid service but can by-pass big queues. On the up side you do get access to a nice lounge and fast security checks.

About eighteen months ago I wrote about the Privium Lounge at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport. I had reason to revisit recently and it is still a pretty good lounge with some new furniture.

Access is a via a paid card which enables speedy immigration and if you are a Dutch resident, you can use it to enroll in Global Entry. The card plus a retina scan enables access.


The lounge is landside, but has access to the Schengen security lines and the non-Schengen part of the airport via retina scan units. This means you don’t need to join the passport control lines for the non-Schengen departures.

The lounge has no natural lighting, but they have created several areas where you can sit with different levels of light. There is a large communal table in the centre:

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The food range is pretty excellent – warm and cold items, soup, rolls, ham and cheeses, all pretty nice.

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It was pretty quiet on the Sunday that I was there and there was never a problem with finding a nice seat.

There is a little booth where five or six people can sit together in relative privacy.

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Of the benefits of Privium, this is certainly one of the strongest.


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