Review: My Lounge London Gatwick South

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In order to qualify for my British Airways Executive Club Bronze status, I needed to complete two BA-operated flights. For this, I decided to book a same day return from Amsterdam to London Gatwick. This entailed a 5-hour layover in Gatwick’s South Terminal.

To spend this time productively, I decided to purchase lounge access. There are various pay-per-entry lounges. On a previous visit I had visited the No1 Lounge – a fine lounge but often very crowded as it is the default Priority Pass option. Then there are the Club Rooms which are more luxurious but also more expensive.

The ‘My Lounge’ caught my eye. This is the designated lounge for Norwegian PremiumFlex ticketholders and also accessible by Dragonpass holders. Read here how you can get a free Dragonpass membership! I made use of deal from Virgin Atlantic Flying Club and paid 15 GBP online.

My Lounge London Gatwick South

The lounges at Gatwick South are located on the first floor. Simply follow the signs to the My Lounge. The entrance is at the end of a long corridor. Upon entry there is no reception but a host was standing ready and my reservation was quickly verified.

Once inside, the lounge is not very large. The decor is very homey though, and almost reminded me of the Cathay Pacific lounges. The focus is on communal seating. Along the window there are seats with a limited apron view.

Further down there is the buffet on the right, some café-style seating in the middle together with a large table, and on the left private rooms and a relax-space with TV. There is also a small outdoor terrace.

When I arrived a bit before noon it was already quite busy and it only got more crowded. Around 14h a number of flights departed and the lounge emptied out significantly. The wifi was solid and the lounge had its own set of restrooms.

Food & Beverage

The food offerings in the lounge were very poor – three types of cake and a couple of hot options which included potato wedges, pulled pork and beans. That was about it. No rolls, crackers, crisps or anything. The drink selection was acceptable, with two beers on tap, wine and the usual liquors and mixers. There was also a soda fountain.

All in all, it was a perfectly fine space to spend some hours compared to the terminal. However it is definitely not even a solid lounge. It is clearly aimed at leisure passengers – in part demonstrated by the complete lack of sockets.

That said, for 15 GBP I can’t complain. The food offerings in the No1. lounge are much better, including a made to order dish, however this is also reflected in the rates.

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