Review: Plaza Premium Arrival Lounge Hong Kong

Plaza Premium Arrival Lounge Hong Kong

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After a longhaul flight, a shower is often a great way to refresh. Especially if you’re heading straight to a meeting after arrival, or if you cannot check into your hotel room yet. Flights from Europe to Asia frequently arrive in the early morning. so a quick shower and breakfast in an arrivals lounge can be very convenient. Unfortunately, Cathay Pacific has recently closed its own arrival lounge at Hong Kong airport. Luckily there is still another offering: the Plaza Premium Arrival Lounge Hong Kong. This lounge, which is located landside in Terminal 2, is available to any arriving passenger willing to pay. It is possible to purchase access online, which is quite expensive, or through Loungebuddy (also not cheap) for usage starting from 3 hours. If you hold a certain credit card or Priority Pass, you may be able to use that for (free) entry. It is also possible to only purchase access to the shower. After arriving in Hong Kong from Amsterdam on a recent trip, I decided to give the lounge a try.

Plaza Premium Arrival Lounge Hong Kong

As said, the lounge is located in the public area of the airport, in Terminal 2. After you arrive, follow the signs to the Airport Express. At the stairs leading to the platform, head downstairs and follow the ‘Lounge’ signs. The lounge is open 24/7.

Once inside, the reception is on the right side. On the left are the showers and restrooms. The rest of the lounge is one open space with various seating areas. Past the reception are ‘private rest areas’ which can be reserved for an extra fee.

There are individual cubicles, some with computer, armchairs and high top chairs.

In the back of the lounge is the bar and buffet. There was a small selection of the usual breakfast items with pastries, cornflakes, some hot Asian dishes, dim sum and salad. There was also a fridge with self serve softdrinks, water and juice. For alcoholic beverages there is a paid menu at the bar. From 8 o’clock in the morning there is also a noodle bar.

Plaza Premium Arrival Lounge Hong Kong

Food quality was mediocre –  the noodles were ok, but the dim sum filing wasn’t good.

Plaza Premium Arrival Lounge Hong Kong

However the primary reason to visit an arrival lounge is of course the shower. Do keep in mind that during the morning rush hour, with various longhauls arriving, a shower may not be available immediately.

The shower rooms were basic but neat, equipped with a toilet and had various amenities available such as a dental kit. In this aspect, the lounge served its purpose perfectly.

Plaza Premium Arrival Lounge Hong Kong

Bottom line

The food and beverage in the lounge are not remarkable. Due to the lack of daylight, it also is not a lounge where you’d really want to spend a couple of hours, unless perhaps you have arrived early and cannot check-in to your hotel yet. I see it as a nice facility to get a quick shower, cup of coffee and bottle of water after arrival before heading into town. If you have a Priority Pass which offers free entry, it is worth considering. Otherwise I would not consider the hefty entrance fee to be worthwhile.

Disclaimer: Access was provided complimentary by Plaza Premium. The opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

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