Hilton Honors Members Should Do This Simple Task Each January

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Unlike other hotel chains, Hilton Honors offers no way – online or App – for its members to keep track of their lifetime stats. Yet, this information is vital for a couple of features that Hilton Honors has to offer.

Every January, therefore, I send an email to Hilton Honors.  It looks something like this…

Hello Diamond Desk,

Can you please let me know my progress towards Lifetime Diamond status.
My Diamond account number is: XXXXXXXX.

Kind Regards.

After a couple of days, a Hilton customer service representative will usually reply.  I recently received this email…

Hi Craig,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding lifetime Diamond status. We appreciate you taking the time to contact us. Please be informed, We have received your request and are eager to complete this for you so as per required I shared you the Lifetime diamond Progress with you which is below mentioned and if you have any query kindly contact us again .We are happy to assist you. Progress:

  • 253 of 1,000 Nights
  • 169,717 of 2,000,000 Base Points
  • 3 years and 177 days of 10 Years In Diamond

Why Do I Care?

An Audit Trail

Because Hilton Honors appears to track this information manually, I want to make sure that my 2022 stays are accurately reflected in my totals.  When I compare this email with the one I requested in early 2022, I can see that 2022’s Hilton hotel stays were indeed added correctly to my totals…

Diamond Extension

I have written previously about Hilton’s Diamond extension policy – click here.

A Diamond extension means that a current Diamond member – due to lose their Diamond status on 31 March – can apply for a one-year extension of their Diamond status. Provided they…

  • Have had three years as a Diamond (it isn’t necessary for those years to have been consecutive)
    • All three of those years need to have been “real Diamond”. Status matched years do not count. Nor will any Diamond years accumulated due to COVID-related extensions.
  • Have spent more than 250 nights (paid or reward) or earned 500,000+ base points since joining Hilton HHonors

Without explicitly saying so in their email, I am now confident that I will receive a Diamond extension should I need it. (quite possibly in March 2024…)

Lifetime Diamond Status

Hilton Honors also offers lifetime status – only to its top Diamond status level.  Lifetime Diamond status requires:

  • 10 years as a “real Diamond” AND
  • 1,000 nights OR
  • 2,000,000 base points (equivalent to $200,000 of pre-tax spend)

Because I have spent most of my Hilton years as a “good-enough” Gold member – often qualifying with stay-based fast tracks – I doubt that I will ever reach lifetime Diamond status. But other readers might be closer to the requirements than I…

Bottom Line

For a few minutes of your time, sending an email to Hilton Honors can let you know how many nights and “Diamond years” Hilton Honors thinks you have accumulated. Hopefully this matches your own records!





  1. IanMacK says

    Hi Craig
    Can you provide the email address to send a query to Hilton Diamond Desk
    I’ve looked across the website and can’t find one.
    (I have requested an email reminder to be sent to me early 2023 so that I can then request Diamond extension for 2023/24)

  2. IanMacK says

    I requested my info from Hilton Diamond
    “We would like to inform you that you have completed 10 years and 134 days of 10 Years In Diamond and 308 of 1,000 Nights or 649,743 of 2,000,000 Base Points.”

    I might have properly earned Diamond status for a few of those years but the rest would have been a benefit of BAEC Gold Guest List status which has carried over through Covid.
    No idea what will happen at the end of Feb 2023 ….
    I’ve just logged in to my HH account and a box says “Based on your activity from last year your account status will change to Silver March 31.”
    … truly confused…

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