Hilton Honors is Reminding Members of its Diamond Extension Policy

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Diamond extension? For the last few years, we have grown accustomed to “no strings attached” extensions of elite status. Those status extensions are definitely NOT happening in 2022. However, Hilton Honors is reminding members of its standard Diamond Extension policy.



Unfortunately, the conditions for this extension are quite restrictive. You must be a current Diamond member whose status is due to be downgraded on 31 March, 2023. You must also:

  • Have had three years as a Diamond (it isn’t necessary for those years to have been consecutive)
    • All three of those years need to have been “real Diamond”. Status matched years do not count. Nor will any Diamond years accumulated due to COVID-related extensions.
  • Have spent more than 250 nights (paid or reward) or earned 500,000+ base points since joining Hilton HHonors

In order to apply for the extension, you must visit this website and submit a request prior to 31 March, 2023.  (you won’t be able to submit your request until early 2023)

Terms & Conditions

To be eligible, a Hilton Honors member must meet the stated criteria and currently be a Diamond Member. Points earned via bonuses, promotions and/or co-branded credit cards do not count towards meeting the Diamond Status Extension criteria. Qualifying Hilton Honors Members may enact this benefit once throughout the lifetime of their membership. The year during which a Hilton Honors member used a status match to achieve Diamond Status will not count as one of the three years of Diamond status required to meet the criteria. If a Member elects to use this offer, their Diamond status will extend for an additional year beyond when it would have otherwise expired. Once a Member elects to use this one-time offer and the extension is applied to their account, this action is considered final and is not reversible.

Bottom Line

If you are likely to lose your Hilton Honors Diamond status, it is definitely worth considering whether you will qualify for a one-time extension.  Hilton Honors are generally willing to provide you an update of your total nights & Diamond years upon request.


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