Virgin Atlantic’s Points Booster Bonus is Back… Better than Ever

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Virgin Atlantic Flying Club has brought back its popular “Points Booster” bonus promotion. The promotion will run until 22 April, 2022.

Members can earn:

  • a 20% bonus on a 1x boost
  • a 30% bonus on a 2x boost
  • a 40% bonus on a 3x boost

What is Points Booster?

Points Booster allows you to buy points for 1p a mile, but the number of points you can buy is based on the actual number of miles flown on a Virgin Atlantic flight (paid or reward). You are able to retro-actively “points boost” for any Virgin Atlantic flights you’ve taken within the last six months. You can also “points booster” for any future flights you will be taking with Virgin Atlantic. (the points won’t arrive until three days after your flight – this prevents people from doing “points booster” on a full-fare ticket, then cancelling for a refund)

As an example, a return trip from London to New York travels 6,916 miles. Therefore, you have the option of:

  • a 1x boost – you pay £69.16 and receive an extra 8,299 points (6,916 x 120%) –> 0.83p per point
  • a 2x boost – you pay £138.32 and receive an extra 17,982 points (13,832 x 130%) –> 0.77p per point
  • a 3x boost – you pay £207.48 and receive an extra 29,047 points (20,748 x 140%) –> 0.71p per point

Does it Make Sense?

If you have recently flown on Virgin Atlantic – or plan to do so – then acquiring Virgin points for 0.71p each is likely to be a great deal. If you book a reward flight, you can actually get some or all of your points back after the fact. For example, an off-peak return to New York in Economy costs 20,000 points (+ taxes and surcharges), but you could “points booster” to get 29,047 points back!

Assuming that Japan eventually reopens to tourism, you can still fly to Japan in First Class on All Nippon Airways for 120,000 points. (return) This is clearly an amazing sweetspot in the Flying Club programme – long may it last!

You can also make good use of your Virgin points on reward flights with Air France, KLM, Delta and of course Virgin Atlantic itself.

Bottom Line

Virgin Atlantic was hit particularly hard by the pandemic and its travel restrictions. But with normalcy starting to return, it might be time to look into rebuilding your balance of Virgin points, especially if you have flown Virgin Atlantic recently…


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