Buy Avios from Iberia Plus with a 50% Bonus

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If you find yourself needing to acquire thousands of Avios quickly, you might be interested in this promotion from Iberia Plus. Between now and 12 November, 2021, you can receive a 50% bonus when buying Avios.  As always, you can then Combine Your Avios to move them over to British Airways Executive Club, should you so choose.

You can only pay for these Avios in Euros.

The cheapest price tends to settle around the 1.2 euro cent level, which is slightly more than 1p per Avios. You do need to buy 150,000+ Avios to get that price though.

The annual maximum that you can buy from Iberia Plus is 200,000 Avios + any bonus.

Why buy from Iberia Plus?

Even though British Airways Executive Club isn’t currently running this 50% bonus promotion, you might not be aware that British Airways will only sell Avios in the currency of the country where your BA account is registered.

And although exchange rates do fluctuate, Avios tend to be cheapest when purchased in Euros. So, if unless your BA account is registered in Europe, you will usually get a lower price by buying from Iberia Plus during promotions such as this one.

Don’t buy speculatively…

These promotions do come around every few months, so there’s no need to buy Avios speculatively. Devaluations can and do come at any time

But if you have a redemption in mind and need to top up your Avios balance, now is the perfect time…


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