100 Free Avios – IF You Have a Good VPN

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I recently wrote about Iberia’s online shopping portal – IberiaPluStore – due to an ongoing promotion where you can earn 700 bonus Avios for making two purchases of 5 euros or more.

I happened to notice that a merchant offering 100 free Avios is available yet again – Showroomprive.

In order to receive these 100 Avios, you must agree to receive what you will perceive to be spam emails, but you are under no obligation to buy anything

The most important element to highlight is that you can only qualify for the 100 Avios if you sign-up from a Spanish IP address. Unless you happen to visit Spain soon, this means that you will need a VPN service that allows you your choice of “host” countries.

Remind me again how to find the IberiaPluStore…

You can find the IberiaPluStore by choosing Spain in the dropdown box located in centre of the top row of the Iberia website.


The IberiaPluStore will then become an option within the IberiaPlus dropdown menu.


I believe that I have written about Showroomprive before. So it’s quite possible that these 100 Avios will never arrive because you’ve signed up before and forgotten all about it. You might also get caught out by your IP address / VPN provider or your Iberia Plus account being registered outside of Spain.

But for a couple of minutes of effort, it’s certainly worth a try. As always, you can Combine Your Avios later to send these Avios to your BA account if you prefer…

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