2p per Avios! Don’t Miss the ‘Part Pay with Avios’ Flash Sale from British Airways

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“Part Pay With Avios” is one of the many redemption options offered by British Airways Executive Club. Rather than book a reward seat out of limited reward availability, you instead book a standard paid ticket – but offset some of the price paid by redeeming some Avios. Since you are buying a normal, paid ticket, you will earn Avios and Tier Points. However, the general problem with Part Pay With Avios is that the savings rarely comes close to the widely-held 1p hurdle rate that many people apply to their decision of when to spend Avios.

However British Airways occasionally increases the value of Avios for a limited time – usually to 2p per Avios. This weekend – 20-24 October 2022 – is one of those times!

This Part Pay with Avios boost is quite limited however. You must:

  • Depart from London Gatwick
  • Fly between 20 October, 2022 and 30 April, 2023

For one-way flights, you should be offered:

  • 250 Avios = £5 discount
  • 450 Avios = £9 discount
  • 800 Avios = £16 discount
  • 1,400 Avios = £28 discount
  • 2,000 Avios = £40 discount
  • 2,500 Avios = £50 discount

The Avios and discount are doubled for return bookings.

Where Can I Fly from Gatwick?

I find Wikipedia to be an excellent resource for “destination inspiration”. According to Wikipedia, British Airways currently fly from Gatwick to:

It is worth highlighting that you CANNOT book a BA codeshare flight – Vueling, Iberia, etc. – and receive the 2p discounting.

You also cannot book one-way flights TO Gatwick. Your itinerary MUST depart from Gatwick – either return or one-way. You are, however, allowed to return to Heathrow or elsewhere, as long as your first flight departs from Gatwick.

And finally… you CANNOT combine any British Airways vouchers with Part Pay with Avios. So you are forced to decide whether to pick up 2p per Avios or to spend those BA vouchers you have hanging around…

Bottom Line

Even though this popular “Pay Part with Avios” boost is back again, its limitation to BA flights departing from Gatwick makes it harder to take advantage of.

That said, many popular Tier Point runs – to 80 TP Club Europe destinations such as Malta, Catania, Greece and Marrakech – depart from London Gatwick. So now is the time to be booking any last minute TP runs before thresholds return to normal on 1 January 2023…

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