Guaranteed Free Nectar Points On Ebay Conversions

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As you are probably aware, you can convert your Nectar points to ebay credit, with the minimum 500 Nectar points giving you an ebay credit of £2.50.

If you are thinking of doing this, or looking to spend on ebay, now is very much the time to do it. If you convert on or before 25 August, you’ll get a guaranteed 50 Nectar points, with the possibility of getting up to 1000. On a 500 point (minimum) redemption, that’s a guaranteed 20% off with the potential to earn much more.

How to benefit from this offer

To benefit, you need to first activate this offer on the Nectar website or app. Note that each customer only gets one set of points, so while it’s well worth a 500 point speculative transfer (worst case scenario being only 50 points back), you should only convert more if you really need the ebay credit.

That said, however…

The 20K Nectar point offer

Each time you redeem your Nectar points for credit at any of Sainsburys, Esso, eBay, Argos, British Airways, Sky Store, Caffe Nero, Nectar Hotels or Eurostar you will be entered into a random draw to win one of five prizes of 20,000 Nectar point. This offer ends on 1 September.

As such, a conversion of 500 Nectar points to ebay credit right now will get you £2.50 to spend on ebay, 50 Nectar points back plus one entry into a draw to win 20,000 Nectar points.


  1. Rob Rixon says

    Hi Tom – just checking the offer in the Nectar app and in terms of the bonus offer, it says to select one or more of the vouchers to use at check out and then the bonus points will be awarded in 28 days which intimates you have to spend them in order to unlock the bonus, whereas I was thinking about just doing a 500 point speculative transfer to see what comes back (in 28 days). That said, it might even be worth that entry for 20K points anyway.

    In the Nectar app there seems to be another BA offer as well of a chance to win £500 off a BA holiday if you convert Nectar points to Avios between now and the end of the month. So it’s worth doing a 400 conversion on that for another draw entry for 20K of Nectar points…

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