BREAKING: BA Data Breach – Compensation Amounts Confirmed

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As we’ve previously confirmed, the class action against BA for the mass data breach that saw a number of BA customer’s data exposed, has now been settled.


PGMBM, the law firm that handled the case, has just emailed the claimants to confirm the pay-out amounts.

Claimants were separated into three categories during negotiations between BA and PGMBM, as follows:

Compensation was then set at varying levels for the three categories, given the likely impact of the breach on them.

The Pay-outs

Sorry, but it would be irresponsible of us to actually disclose the amounts paid. This is a confidential arrangement between BA, PGMBM and the claimants.

However, a couple of key points:

  • Pay-outs for Category 1 (i.e. the most affected class, so the highest compensation level) were in the three figures. This was NOT “American style” mass compensation. John Grisham would definitely be disappointed.
  • In accordance with the Conditional Fee Arrangement (essentially, “no win no fee”), PGMBM took 35% of everyone’s compensation, which was the maximum they were permitted to deduct.

It’s definitely fair to say that the big winners from all of this were the lawyers…

If you did sign up to the class action, check your email – you should have full confirmation of your final figure. If you didn’t, rest assured that you’ve not missed out on some precedent-setting litigation jackpot.

(Cover image courtesy of British Airways)


  1. Pangolin says

    It’s a joke. Category 2A got derisory net payouts because BA was able to claim that the data was ‘accessed’ but not ‘obtained.
    It also seems that Cat 1 didn’t get fees deducted for some reason.

    I don’t think the law firm was that hot if they let BA get off the hook on that score. They were very good at extracting usurious fees for themselves though, so I agree with your point that the lawyers (and to some extent BA who clearly dodged a bullet) were the real winners here.

    A friend of mine got awarded a higher category than me even though he was less affected. I got a brand new Amex Gold card cancelled while I was travelling abroad, the replacement took 3 weeks to arrive. My friend didn’t have any card cancelled.

    My mistake was sticking to the facts, I guess, and not claiming that Russian hackers had pwned my data.
    I guess my b

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