(Now Live) Turn Fruit & Veg Into Avios / Nectar Points

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Nectar and Sainsbury’s have now launched their ‘Great Big Fruit & Veg Challenge’ – offering shoppers the chance to earn bonus Nectar Points (and therefore Avios…) just for buying fruit and veg.

“Great news: the 2021 great big fruit & veg challenge sprouts into action today (1st June 2021), which gives you 4 weeks to hit your target and smash all 3 levels.

As well as giving you a points boost, eating more fruit and veg can help you get more fibre and a variety of vitamins and minerals into your diet – all of which are important for good health. Whether you’re cooking up a veggie storm or throwing together a fruity feast, we’re here to help you do it one plate at a time.

Simply scroll down to see your personalised targets or hit the button to discover your challenge dashboard.”

Any good?

It really depends on what your personal targets are and what you normally buy. My targets aren’t very exciting, but I imagine I will hit them easily just from normal shopping:


Slightly more interesting are the ‘bonus badges’ for buying particular types of fruit/veg:

Bottom line

This looks like an easy bonus ~1,000 Nectar Points for things I’d buy anyway, which isn’t to be sniffed at. However, I do think Sainsbury’s Nectar could have come up with something more interesting here, given the marketing resources they’ve put into it.


  1. Andrew Haddow says

    Disappointingly this isn’t available on the website anymore. Only via apps on smartphones. The previous fruit and veg challenges were available to sign up for via the website.

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