2000 Free Virgin Red Points Via Tesco

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In the rush to collect Avios via Sainsbury, it’s easy to forget that the Virgin Atlantic loyalty scheme (now part of the consolidated Virgin Red programme) does still allow you to collect airline miles via your Tesco spend.

tesco clubcard virgin

There’s also a bonus currently available. If you have not auto-converted to Virgin before, set up to “autoconvert” your Tesco Clubcard points to Virgin Red points by 18 June 2021. Once you’ve done this, unless you want to convert more Tesco points to Virgin, make sure that on 21 July 2021 (in time for the conversion on 22 July), you have no more than £1.50 in Clubcard points in your account.

Tesco Clubcard Virgin conversion bonus – eligibility

You need a minimum of £1.50 so make sure that’s in there, but any more will also autoconvert, so if you don’t want this to happen, you need to redeem them for something else before 22 July. On 23 July, you can switch off autoconvert should you wish to.

The £1.50 in Clubcard points will convert to 375 Virgin Red points (2.5 points per Clubcard penny), so you’ll get a total of 2,375 Virgin points for your £1.50 outlay. That’s a very good return.

Full details on the Tesco Clubcard Virgin autoconversion option can be found here.


  1. Colin Thames says

    I’ve got two or three auto convert bonuses but I’m not sure how long a gap there needs to be before Virgin will add another ‘first time bonus’.
    Might be worth a punt if you don’t mind converting your next quarter’s Clubcard points to Virgin anyway.
    Remember: auto convert doesn’t affect the Clubcard vouchers already sitting on your account, only the points you’ve earned this quarter.

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