The Cheapest UK Hilton Hotels For Points Redemptions

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I recently ran an article flagging how you could get 4 nights at a Hilton plus Hilton Gold status till March 2023, for a grand total of £43. The obvious downside to this otherwise incredible offer is the locations of the applicable Hilton properties. “Far flung” would be a reasonable way to describe them (although if you’re a fan of inland Turkey or Mexican industrial estates, you are onto a winner).

Adapting the Gold fast track

The above offer can still be cunningly altered to make it more convenient for you. First of all, the 100% bonus on buying Hilton points remains available, and is open to all. Similarly, the 2K Honors points rebate applies. Most importantly, we can all sign up to the Hilton Gold fast track offer (see my article here for doing this with a clear conscience).

So that just leaves you needing to stay at a Hilton hotel 4 times in the next 90 days. On that basis, I thought it might be useful to set out the cheapest UK Hilton points redemption hotels.

cheap hilton hotels uk

When looking at the points cost of these hotels, bear in mind three key points:

  • In the current Hilton points sale, every 10,000 points costs you $50 (£36).
  • You’ll get 2K points back per stay, so you can effectively reduce the points cost of a one night stay by 2K points
  • Unless otherwise flagged, the points stated below are the minimum. On certain nights, more may be required.

The hotels

The cheapest UK Hilton redemption nights are:

  • Hampton by Hilton Edinburgh West End – 13,000
  • Hilton Garden Inn Luton North – 13,000
  • Hampton By Hilton Aberdeen Westhill – 13,000
  • Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow City Centre – 14,000
  • DoubleTree by Hilton London Heathrow Airport – 14,000
  • Hilton Garden Inn Aberdeen City Centre  -14,000
  • Hampton by Hilton Bristol Airport – 15,000 and never more
  • Doubletree by Hilton Milton Keynes – 15,000
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Reading M4 J10 – 15,000
  • Hilton Reading – 15,000
  • Hampton by Hilton Stockton on Tees – 15,000
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Glasgow Strathclyde – 15,000
  • Hampton by Hilton Hamilton Park – 15,000
  • Hampton by Hilton Birmingham Broad Street – 15,000

Like me, I hope you are struck by the glamour of some of these locations. Indeed, who actually needs foreign travel when you can spend 4 nights alternating between the Hilton Garden Inn Luton North and the DoubleTree M4 Junction 10?

cheap hilton hotels uk
Hilton Garden Inn Luton North

On a serious note, there are some useful – and cheap – possibilities. 13,000 points is $65/£47, which becomes $55/£40 with the 2K points rebate. As a result, you can stay 4 times in a UK Hilton hotel, and get Hilton Gold status until March 2023, for £120. If you can make those stays useful to you, that’s well worth considering.

Also, the Hilton Garden Inn Luton North is actually fine, and very useful for the airport.

A logistically straightforward example

Per my article, I noted that you could spend 4 nights alternating between the two Reading Hilton properties, at 15K (so 13K) points a night.

The properties are 5 miles apart, and reasonably placed for London.

An important reminder

Please do not forget that the fast track requires four stays, not four nights. Four stays can be four nights, but they cannot be consecutive at the same hotel. Any consecutive nights at the same hotel merge into one stay. That’s why the Reading alternation example above works, but I strongly recommend you try and find a property above where it actually benefits you to stay there 4 times.

(All pictures courtesy of Hilton)


    • Tom Sumner says

      The terms and conditions say “Offer only redeemable once for the lifetime of the promotion”. While I’m not at all convinced that would be policed, you’re taking a risk because if you’re ultimately denied it, you can’t complain.

      • Craig Sowerby says

        I’ve done it twice, several years apart and with a couple of proper Diamond years in between. YMMV…

        But clearly if you need to get customer service involved, you are sunk.

  1. Bazz says

    The Edinburgh Hampton is a bargain at that price and is pretty central, being Sir Sean Connery’s old stomping ground. Bus routes into town if you can’t/don’t want to walk and one from the airport. An easy walk to Tollcross for the many pubs & restaurants, and add in Lothian Rd/Princes St/George St. That’d be my choice.

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Obviously that Hampton is not priced that low in August though. Edinburgh in November anybody… 😀

    • Tom Sumner says

      Absolutely not. This is one of the great things about Hilton Honors – reward stays count towards status, including on fast-track challenges.

  2. HiltonHippster says

    Nice work.

    Shame it’s so variable what a hotel will cost night to night now 🙁

    Such a shame the 5k and 10k list of hotels were decimated.

    • Tom Sumner says

      Agree. I absolutely loved the clear list of 5K/10K (etc) redemptions. Some great opportunities for low cost stays and easy status earning.

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