Those Crazy Qatar Biz Class Fares Are (Sort Of) Back

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I spent some time last week flagging a few good value ex-UK Business Class flight deals. It seems TAP Portugal, in particular, are going heavy on the discounting.

However, some of our longer term readers may remember the fun we’ve had in the past with Qatar Airways. Some of the long-haul return class flights with Qatar have been astonishingly well-priced.

While in the current climate nothing is quite as it used to be, it does seem that Qatar are once again at least heading in that direction.

The major “trick” to the Qatar bargains was taking the long-haul flight from somewhere outside of the UK (e.g. Stockholm), as you could get there via a cheap Ryanair flight, and then get the vastly cheaper Qatar flight to your far-flung destination.

The “outside UK” options

I fully appreciate that in present circumstances, planning a flight with a non-UK start makes a difficult position substantially more so. As such, I am only going to focus on a couple of these. The key point, however, is to keep an eye out and see if you can make the logistics and dates work for you. You can check the options on Qatar yourself, and we will certainly flag any real stand out flights that crop up down the line. For now, I found two potentially very good options:

Warsaw to Bangkok Business Class return at £1100

Brussels to Bangkok Business Class return at EUR 1456 (£1300)

Ok, that’s a couple to get you interested. If you want to do some research yourself, simply go to the Qatar offers page here and have a play around with options for your long-haul flight, starting from various European countries.

It’s entirely possible, either now or in the future, you could find an absolute bargain from a slightly unusual starting place (Warsaw, Brussels, Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen have all historically proved fruitful), although I’d humbly submit BKK at £1100 Biz Class return is pretty close to that!

The UK options

As has historically been the case, the value from the UK with Qatar cannot compete with the non-UK flights above. However, there are a few worth thinking about:

  • Heathrow to Abu Dhabi Business Class return at £1496
  • Gatwick to Bangkok Business Class return at £1693
  • Heathrow to Bangkok Business Class return at £1726
  • Edinburgh to Hong Kong Business Class return at £1733
  • Heathrow to Jakarta Business Class return at £1903
  • Heathrow to Johannesburg Business Class return at £1933

All the fares featured in this post need to be booked by 30 April 2021, for travel by 31 December 2021.

Ultimately, this post is intended as much as a reminder to look out for future Qatar deals as it is a prompt to book what’s currently available. From my perspective it’s just great to see an airline like Qatar starting to return to a semblance of “normal”. 


    • Tom Sumner says

      Haha – it’s a fair point. However, all the flights featured can be flown up until 31 December 2021 so there is scope for a “realistic” booking.

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