Watch KLM’s ‘Flying-V’ In The Air For The First Time

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A scale model of the concept aircraft ‘Flying-V’, which is being developed by TU Delft and KLM, has completed its first flight. The project was first announced during IATA 2019 and challenges the traditional way of building aircraft.

One and a half years ago, TU Delft and KLM started the development of the Flying-V in an attempt to create a modern and energy-efficient aircraft for the future. After extensive testing on the ground and in wind tunnels, a scale model of the aircraft has now completed its first successful flight.

– We are very curious about the properties of Flying-V. The design is part of our Fly Responsibly initiative, which stands for what we do and will do to improve our sustainability. We want a sustainable future for aviation and innovation is part of that. KLM has been among the three most sustainable airlines worldwide in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for many years. We will continue to be so in the future. We are therefore proud that we have managed to achieve this together in such a short time, says Pieter Elbers, Executive Vice President of KLM.

Watch a video of the first flight below:

Flying-V is designed for long, energy-efficient flights. The aircraft’s design is based on a unique V-shape, where both passengers, cargo and fuel are in the aircraft’s wings. Calculations show that the improved aerodynamic properties can reduce fuel consumption by 20% compared to the best aircraft today.

Cooperation and innovation

KLM presented the scale model for the first time during KLM’s 100th anniversary in October 2019. Several partners are now involved in the project, including the aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

Flying-V konsept
This is what the final version of Flying-V might look like

– “You can not make the whole industry more sustainable alone, you have to do it together”, says Elbers. -” Cooperation and sharing of knowledge is driving us all forward. That is why we want to continue the development of the Flying-V concept with all partners. The next step will be to fly Flying-V with environmentally friendly fuel.”

Photos: KLM


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