Hyatt’s Latest Promo Offers Triple Points and Rollover Nights

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Details have leaked regarding Hyatt’s autumn 2020 promotion, to be called Bonus Journeys. It will run between 1 October 2020 and 4 January 2021 – and it looks pretty appealing!

Triple Points

Members will be able to earn TRIPLE points on all World of Hyatt stays, starting with their first stay. Since members earn 5 base points per US dollar spent, and those points are worth roughly 1.6-1.8 US cents each –> this promotion means that members can earn a 24-27% rebate on their pre-tax spend.

Registration will be required, although there is no landing page as yet where you can register.

Rollover Nights

Every elite night earned between 1 October and 31 December, 2020 will ALSO count in 2021. Award nights are included! This will give you a great head start on qualifying for Globalist status in 2021, which requires 60 nights. These rollover nights will also count for Milestone Bonuses in 2021, which start at 20 nights and get you:

Although not quite as travel hack-able as the Hilton promotion, you could stay 30 nights at Hyatt this autumn and earn a free night certificate as well as 4 upgrade certificates to a Club room. In January, you would automatically earn the exact same bonuses once the rollover is processed.

Stay 30 nights this autumn –> 2 free nights at some nice hotels + up to 8 weeks of upgrades to a Club room (with lounge access).

Extension of 15% Rebate on Award Stays

I’ve previously written about how Hyatt will rebate 15% of any points spent on award nights. This promotion will now be extended until 4 January 2021.

500 Bonus Points per Night for Staying at New Hotels

It’s also worth reminding readers of an ongoing promotion. You can earn 500 bonus points per night by staying at one of the “new” hotels listed on this specific webpage.

There are 95 hotels currently listed, included 3 in the UK. (which have been open for awhile, although obviously impacted by COVID-19)

One place I am looking to re-visit is Sofia, Bulgaria. With a new Hyatt Regency open – award Category 1 – you could:

  • Book award nights for 5,000 points per night
  • Receive a 15% rebate –> 750 points per night
  • Receive 500 points per night from the new hotel promotion
  • Bringing your net cost down to 3,750 points per night

The Bottom Line

Although you cannot earn Hyatt points with a UK credit card, you can definitely earn them by stacking lucrative promotions! The fact that you can also get started on 2021’s elite requirements is also appealing. I just wish that it were feasible to jet away on my usual trips to stay at a nice Hyatt… 🙁


  1. Pangolin says

    It’s a real pity that Hyatt don’t have more properties in Europe.

    Not only does their loyalty programme seem markedly superior to Hilton or Marriott, but I really like their design authentic on the whole (meaning that the average Hyatt property just feels/looks nicer than a Marriott/Hilton property at a similar category level).
    And I get the impression that in Hyatt you don’t have to spend as much time pulling a DYKWIA just to get your status benefits recognised at the front desk, or get given a meaningful upgrade.

    Top tier at WoH looks to be a whole lot better than anything else, but it’s practically impossible to achieve for us locked-down Europeans.

  2. Pangolin says

    One more thing.

    You wrote this: “ Stay 30 nights this autumn –> 2 free nights at some nice hotels + up to 8 weeks of upgrades to a Club room (with lounge access).”

    So let me get this straight. A club lounge award gives you up to one *week* access to Club? Here was me thinking it was one night. If this is true then WoH is way better than I thought!

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Yes, a club lounge award upgrades you for a single stay that can be as long as one week.

      I might have to let Globalist go in the future, but if I can still upgrade 1-2 week stays at good Asian resorts, I might not notice a big difference…

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