Endless Earning? 2,000 Bonus Points from Marriott for Each Stay

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Endless Earning? During a time-limited promotion? OK then…

Nonetheless, Marriott Bonvoy has finally announced details of its latest chain-wide promotion. It will run from 17 March until 14 June, 2020. The promotion is pretty straightforward – members can earn 2,000 bonus points with each Marriott paid stay, starting from the second stay.

Registration is required before 31 May, 2020. You can register by clicking here. My account received an error message when attempting to register – #bonvoyed yet again – but hopefully that will be fixed in a few days.

Things to Keep in Mind

Award stays will not count. You must book a points-earning cash rate on marriott.com in order to receive the bonus points. Quidco usually offers the highest cashback rate – 8% for stays in Europe and Asia, with lower cashback for stays in North America.

A “stay” is defined as consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, regardless of check-in/checkout activity.

2,000 points is worth roughly £13, at least if you were willing to buy points during the 50% bonus promotion.
If you have elite status, then the welcome amenity bonus (usually 1,000 or 500 points) added to these 2,000 points –> potentially a £20 reason to “hotel hop” each night from one Marriott hotel to another.

If you have long, expensive stays in mind, this promotion is definitely not going to work in your favour. Hyatt’s double point promo or IHG’s 4x promo would be better…

The Bottom Line

This promo is reasonable enough for those of us who stay one night at a time. But it’s unfortunate that Marriott couldn’t think of anything better, especially with the collapse in travel due to the coronavirus…


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