Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles 30th Anniversary Celebration to Offer Bonus Miles & Discounted Rewards All Year!

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Turkish Airlines’ loyalty programme – Miles & Smiles – is celebrating its 30th anniversary with an interesting promotion that will run each month throughout 2019. Every month, Miles & Smiles will choose 30 destinations and offer some combination of:

  • a 30% discount on reward tickets
  • a 30% discount on upgrades (from Economy to Business Class) using miles
  • a 30% bonus miles on paid flights

The destinations that Miles & Smiles have chosen to kick off the promotion in February 2019 are:

  1. Discounted Rewards and Upgrades
    1. Boston
    2. Chicago
    3. Havana
    4. Rome
    5. New York
    6. Washington
    7. Sao Paolo
    8. Samarkand
    9. Odessa
    10. Lisbon
    11. Billund
    12. Copenhagen
    13. Helsinki
    14. Oslo
    15. Aqaba
    16. Bahrain
  2. Discounted Upgrades Only
    1. Kabul
    2. Kiev
    3. Khartoum
    4. Muscat
  3. 30% Bonus Miles
    1. London
    2. Birmingham
    3. Lviv
    4. Tbilisi
    5. Venice
    6. Tunis
    7. Basel
    8. Nuremberg
    9. Amman
    10. Maputo

What About Connections?

It appears that the 30% discount is only being applied properly to flights originating in Istanbul. Here’s what a quick check of flight rewards to New York in February showed:

A straightforward reward from Istanbul to New York costs 21,000 miles each way, a 30% discount on the regular price of 30,000 miles each way.

However starting your journey in London results in this:

28,000 is a small discount on the regular price of 30,000 miles – but definitely NOT 30%.

Even combining two routes that BOTH are included in the discount list doesn’t help much…


If the 30% discount on reward tickets doesn’t apply fully to European connecting flights, I don’t suppose that particular element of the promotion will appeal to nearly all InsideFlyer UK readers.

But I’ll definitely keep an eye out for the list of destinations offering a 30% bonus on paid flights. Who knows… maybe I’ll get lucky with a Turkish Airlines itinerary I have planned for June 2019… 😉


  1. Spk says

    For some reason the connections are pricing as two segments. 28k is correct – 30% of total 40k required for two segments.

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Thanks for figuring that out. (although I’m not sure why non-promo London would also get a 30% discount)

      I should check to see whether two non-promo destinations are pricing properly or whether the whole award system is broken.

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