Hilton Honors Elite Status Counter Finally Updated!

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Great News!!

I know this has irked a number of people (not least Craig), but here we are, not quite at the end of January and Hilton has finally (maybe) figured out how many stays you need throughout 2019 to maintain your status.

Hilton Status Tracker

It’s been a quiet travel month for me so far, but at least I can now see what I need to do if I want to extend my diamond status beyond next March.

Is it accurate?

Good question!

For me, it largely is, but reports on Flyertalk suggest not everyone’s is, with some reporting having stayed more nights this year than there have been so far in 2019.

The points total still seems to take a day or two to update, as I can see some Barclaycard spend points on the activity report that are not reflecting in the points total.

I’m pretty relaxed about this, personally for a few reasons;

  • I have diamond status for the year, so no need to chase any stay targets for now
  • I have no immediate redemption needs having secured a week in a Conrad for later this year (more to come on that)
  • I didn’t lose out on any stays crediting during the IT upgrade last year
  • I don’t have any rollover stays/nights to be concerned with tracking correctly
  • It’s only January 24th.
  • I’m pretty relaxed about most things

As with many things in this game, YMMV.

Potential Issues

From postings on FlyerTalk and musings around the water-cooler at InsideFlyer towers people are seeing a variety of issues with their accounts. The common ones are;

  • No stays at all showing
  • Some stays not showing
  • Rollover stays/nights not showing
  • Points total not updating properly (as per my ‘missing’ Barclaycard points)
  • Cancelled redemptions not resulting in returned points

What Can I do if Affected?

Short answer is, ‘not a lot’. I’d suggest going to the Winchester for a pint, and waiting for it all to blow over. If you have a more pressing need, you probably need to make a nuisance of yourself to Hilton, via phone, e-mail or the 21st century’s favourite complaint mechanism, Twitter.

What I have seen, is that if you really want to see your updated points total, for some reason, when clicking through to buy points, this does display the accurate total. Obviously, if you really want to buy some Honors points, don’t forget Craig’s excellent advice to earn potential cashback.

Let us know in the comments how accurate or otherwise your shiny new 2019 Hilton Honors tracker is. I know ’round these parts there are some fairly cheesed off bloggers, so rant away in the comments and get it off your chest. You’ll feel better for it (perhaps).


  1. 7wood says

    I registered for the recently flagged fast track to gold my elected status counter shows 20 stays needed not 4!

    I contacted them and they said it would only show on the fast track portal whatever that is??!

    Lat time I did a fast to gold it all went like clockwork

    • Ian Perry says

      Depends when you attained Gold. The usual rule is once you reach required stays/match/fast track/Amex Platinum requirements then it’s the remainder of that calendar year, all of the following and up until the end of March the year after. Sadly, Hilton have decided it’s a good idea to not tell you the expiry of your status on the digital card, like they used to.

      • Tilly71 says

        Mine is a weird one, I had Gold but it stated next year (2019) I would be “member” as not made enough nights but I then got Amex Plat & requested gold via that route in the last Q of 18 so do you think I have the full year on Gold up to March 20?

        • Ian Perry says

          That is what is *supposed* to happen. Not sure how they’d deal with you already being Gold when you filled in the Amex form though. I’d suggest emailing Hilton to check, and/or keep a close eye from early April and maybe fill out the Amex platinum form again, assuming you still have the card.

  2. Pangolin says

    Mine has also updated and now shows 39 nights and 29 stays for Diamond requalification, thanks to some rollover nights.

    Normally I’d be thinking about hitting Diamond qualification on 30 stays, but that figure of 39 nights definitely looks doable, especially if I hit some of those mega cheap places in Turkey and Kuala Lumpur during the course of the year 🙂

    • Pangolin says

      Another reason for me thinking 39 nights is doable is that I’ve completely given up on Marriott (Bonvoy)!

      I should have qualified for Platinum last year, with 25 SPG stays, but some of those stays were counted as 2x stays thanks to an SPG Select targeted offer I had at the start of the year (2x stays/nights). Yet thanks to Marriott’s ludicrous decision to implement the changeover in August it looks like my chance of ever getting those bonus stays recognised is zero (because they also helpfully removed all tallies of stays in the system and only show nights on the status pages).

      I can’t be bothered to fight with their useless CS and garbage website any more. Goodbye SPG, it was nice knowing you.

  3. Ste T says

    Hi, forgive my ignorance but it was my understanding that H Honor accounts reset and update on 31st March each year, has this changed?
    Secondly does it mean my current account status is my status for the remaining of 2019, if it states “To maintain Diamond status in 2020, you need 46 more nights” ?

    • Ian Perry says

      The status year (i.e. period in which you need to get in your stays/nights/points) is the calendar year. The status you held last year continues until the end of March.

      • littlefish says

        … although there is no longer anywhere that actually now shows your 2018 status!!! How do people go about bookings now when the status showing is incorrect? Call? Mine is showing Silver when it should be Diamond.

        • Ian Perry says

          I’ll use this word again, the status tracker *should* show your current (I.e. earned last year) status in the middle. If you think that’s wrong, I would certainly contact Hilton, especially if you have a stay coming up and want to be sure of your benefits.

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