Another fantastic example of that “drop-down” Hilton discount

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I’ve previously spent an unduly long time (and column inch total!) telling you all to check the Hilton “More prices” tab when booking any Hilton room.

hilton discount

However, the primary thrust for this is that you can often find a neat little bonus tucked in there – dinner included for £3 extra or similar.

However, recently I was faced with an even better reason – the price was 40% less.

So, to be clear – the advertised “best rate” from Hilton on accessing their website could be beaten by 40% through two or three additional clicks. However, if you didn’t do this and simply went for the “best rate” presented, you’d pay the much higher amount.

How did this happen?

I am currently looking for a low cost room in Vegas.

When I ran my search initially on, the search defaulted to the Winter Sale rates. I was therefore offered a room at $183: not a bad price.

hilton discount

However, it probably won’t surprise you to know that I clicked on “More prices”, which then gave me the fantastic rate of $111 a night – an instant saving of $72 (albeit on a non-flex basis):

hilton discount

However, the “More prices could do better than this. Because only the headline “Winter Sale” rates had been displayed, I clicked the box on the left of the screen to load all of the “More prices”:

hilton discount  hilton discount

As if by magic, a further “More prices” price then appeared, offering the room at an unbeatable (surely) $109:

hilton discount

Securing the “drop-down” Hilton discount

So there we have it – always ensure that you’ve seen the full range of prices when booking with Hilton and don’t assume the headline price is the best price.  I fully appreciate this is a more time consuming process (that probably should be picked up by Hilton’s tech), but where it saves you 40% on your room, it’s well worth doing.

hilton discount


  1. Craig Sowerby says

    Hope you’re going on New Years Eve or some peak weekend, as that’s a horrible price for this hotel once you add the resort fee.

    No breakfast for elites by the way, just a daily credit that will get you a coffee and muffin at a hotel coffee shop. (you’ll need your passport to even charge your room)

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