Advent Calendar Day 8: A Second Chance to Breeze Through Security in Style, Courtesy of FLYERBELT!

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We were a little taken aback by the popularity of the FLYERBELT prize we gave away last week – so much so, that we’ve decided to offer readers a second chance to win one! All you have to do is enter the InsideFlyer Advent Calendar here.



As a frequent flyer you are quite familiar with the process at the security check: Take off your coat or jacket, empty your pocket, put all the other accessories in the tray, remove your laptop and the ziplock bag with your liquids from your carry-on and: take off your belt! 

After passing through security, in addition to the security officer’s manual screening and re-inspection of your luggage, everything needs to be repacked. Impatiently moving up from behind you.

To make this process smoother for you, we have created the FLYERBELT. No need to take off your FLYERBELT at any time when passing though 100% metal-free buckle.

The FLYERBELT is made of the finest materials and its design is elegant and classy. Security officers will easily identify you as a frequent traveler by the belt’s red prong, simply: FASHIONABLY OBVIOUS.

“The FLYERBELT is a  leather belt made in Germany. The interior is made of the finest cowhide. The edges are polished and lacquered in order to obtain smooth edges. The buckle is made of a solid-colored fiber-glass reinforced composite which is shatterproof and completely metal-free. Because of its elegant design your FLYERBELT is suitable for business as well as casual dress.”

Good luck – and Merry Christmas!

Entering couldn’t really be easier – all you need to do is click on today’s Advent Calendar window to enter the daily draw, and then enter your email address.

Don’t forget to check out the Advent Calendar promotions on InsideFlyer UK’s European sister sites for the chance to win even more prizes!

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