Worrying Emails from Marriott and Hilton…

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It would be difficult to argue that the Marriott Rewards/SPG integration has been a great success so far – though Marriott execs still give it a go, of course.

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect hasn’t actually been the myriad technical problems, but rather the extremely poor communication and lack of assistance provided to those members who have been negatively impacted. My latest observation isn’t really about bad communication exactly though, just plain weird communication instead.

A couple of weeks ago I logged into my email account and was greeted by the following subject line:

I linked my SPG and Marriott accounts a while ago, so this actually concerned my ‘new’ Marriott Rewards account despite coming from SPG.

Long term readers may remember the issues I’ve had in the past with Marriott expiring Points from my account despite the Points being freshly minted – I clicked on the email straight away and was presented with the following:

It seems that Marriott now defines “soon” as June 2020. Thanks for that.

It’s not just Marriott…

Perhaps feeling a bit left out on the technical chaos front, Hilton Honors decided to have its own (mercifully smaller) IT update recently. I’ve heard a few reports from readers about issues (probably) stemming from that, but thankfully nothing on the Marriott scale so far.

My own experience was limited to a slightly alarming email claiming that there had been ‘points redemption activity’ on my account. Bearing in mind that I haven’t redeemed any Hilton Points in about a month (and haven’t had any stays in over 2 weeks), and the issues BA and others have had with details being hacked, this wasn’t the sort of email I like to receive:

A quick check of my account showed no activity and the correct Points balance, which was a relief. The email remains an enigma though, particularly as I can’t remember ever getting one before when I actually have redeemed Hilton Points…

Bottom line

I love hotel and airline loyalty programmes, but the communications/customer service really does seem to be getting worse (and stranger) these days.

Anyone else been getting weird emails from loyalty programmes?


  1. Tilly71 says

    Received a similar email last week from Hilton about an update to my guest name, I called up immediately to be advised lots of similar calls over issues with emails since their IT update.
    Also, no points credited so must have to wait it out now.

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