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Every once in a while we like to remind readers of Lufthansa Miles & More’s tongue-tying “Meilenschnaeppchen” programme. Each month, Lufthansa discounts reward flights to a few of its worldwide destinations. You have the calendar month to book your reward flights for a short 6-week window in a few months time. This promotion is one of the best ways to use your Lufthansa miles. Even though you’ll have to pay substantial surcharges, this is offset by the fact that you will pay relatively few miles for your reward.

November’s list of destinations has been announced. You will be able to fly between 1 March – 15 April, 2019.

It is important to note that these bargain reward bookings are completely non-refundable and you must book return flights.

Here is the list of long haul destinations…

North America

  • Atlanta – 30,000 miles in Economy
  • Charlotte – 30,000 miles in Economy
  • Chicago – 30,000 miles in Economy and 55,000 miles in Business
  • Miami – 30,000 miles in Economy and 55,000 miles in Business
  • Montreal – 30,000 miles in Economy and 55,000 miles in Business
  • New York – 30,000 miles in Economy and 55,000 miles in Business
  • San Francisco – 30,000 miles in Economy and 55,000 miles in Business
  • Seattle – 30,000 miles in Economy
  • Washington DC – 30,000 miles in Economy and 55,000 miles in Business

Rest of World

  • Rio de Janeiro – 70,000 miles in Business
  • Hong Kong – 40,000 miles in Economy
  • Mauritius – 30,000 miles in Economy
  • Nanjing – 40,000 miles in Economy
  • Qingdao – 40,000 miles in Economy
  • Nagoya – 40,000 miles in Economy and 70,000 miles in Business

You can find the full list by clicking here and setting your country of departure appropriately.

Other Options

Austrian Airlines also offers a version of Meilenschnaeppchen, but only for departures from Austria and the time frame for your flights is the following month or two.

You can fly from Vienna to Cape Town in Economy Class until the end of 2018 for 30,000 miles. You can also fly Premium Economy to New York for 40,000 miles and to Bangkok for 55,000 miles.


LOT Poland also join in the Meilenschnaeppchen fun, but this month the only option from Warsaw is 40,000 miles to Beijing in Economy Class.


It’s also worth reminding readers that Miles & More have a new credit card option for the United Kingdom. You can read about it here. Not only will it keep your miles from expiring, the earning rate is quite reasonable – helping you on your way to a Meilenschnaeppchen reward…


  1. Voltron says

    I’ve never redeemed a Lufthansa flight, is it just me or are the taxes high?
    Did a test booking for EDI to JFK (via FRA) economy and taxes were approx £339.21, pretty sure you can get a direct flight from EDI for approx £400
    Did test booking for EDI to GIG (Rio brazil) business , taxes approx £585.81

    • Craig Sowerby says

      It’s not “taxes”. It’s “carrier-imposed surcharges”. But, yes, Lufthansa has ridiculously high surcharges. You will rarely want to book an Economy reward with Lufthansa.

    • Miles Hunt says

      Good reminder – the only way I have ever found value in M&M redemptions is via Mileage Bargains. The surcharges are ludicrous, and in the absence of a Reward Flight Saver equivalent for short haul, it’s a scheme I generally avoid.

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